My No Needle Pain Free Dentist Outing

My appointment was scheduled for 10 am this morning;

but yesterday, the Dental Office phoned and asked if I could be moved to early afternoon.

As they had an emergency, I agreed.

So, finally I settled into the chair

not feeling guilty for seeing another dentist

but feeling like I was cheating on my hygienist

when I was in for treatment, my two front teeth repaired.

The Dentist with a blue mask so I couldn’t lip read

and a headlamp on his visor so I couldn’t see facial expressions

or look at him because of the quarter coin sized dot of light

said as a statement “it’s minor, you won’t need freezing.”

“Good.” I firmly replied, “I had the original work done that way,

and requested it for this repair.”

We’d already done the professional chit chat banter

so I was surprised when his body relaxed with relief.

I told him I was over my fear of dentists and wasn’t going to

grab his arm which would cause injury to me

or bite him at all.

I folded my hands in my lap, the light visor shield over my eyes

reclined back in the chair like one of the models on the posters in the lobby offering sedation, without any of that gs mix and without any needle injecting freezing liquids

He scuffed the tooth surfaces, applied the amalgam, shaped, and then brush drilled them smooth, with two paper bite tests. done and done.

Canada’s universal health care does not include dentist, eye care or mental health.


meanwhile, Victorian era nonsense rebranded as complimentary alternatives to medicine; all known as Woo in the skeptic/debunking biz and free thinker humanist groups n individuals.

remain sold alongside with medicine and sometimes included in employer/ee benefit plans.


After the dentist, it was off to Scottsdale Mall to  private store with an official sub post office.

where, I am pleased to tell my favorite readers, my blogosphere people


that owing to the trolls on the LGBTQ newspaper site

I intentionally compliment people who are different than my own demographic.

To most people, I appear as a white middle aged woman.

They don’t know I am a dyke unless I need to explain something to them.

Anyway, today, I only gave out one compliment.

An elderly woman in a green sari with gold and gorgeous embroidery

I smiled and said “Beautiful embroidery”

She hesitated and smiled back and spoke to the younger than me

women who was with her and I heard my two words in with her words.

The younger woman turned around and smiled at me,

she said thank you and I smiled and said You’re welcome

they left their community mall and I walked around for  bit

before returning home.

It’s funny, I have spent a lot of time documenting things for legal matters

and online for therapy

I did not do before and after images of myself

because. major depression is partly not really enjoying your own company.

and partly, because I am not yet sure how to use my blackberry motion

but I have  brunch tomorrow with a friend who is more tech savvy

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