Talking About How to Do Communication

Somewhere on facebook, one post of several in an office/group results in a discussion about communication

Tryggvason v Transport Canada

  •  Nina, you are a breath of fresh air.
  •  nope. try using words, to make coherent sentances. That is what i try to do when i want to make someone understand what I’m thinking.
  •  try applying context. it’s what people do when it is not safe to say things plainly. see also advanced communication : implied and inferred.
  •   ahuh…
  •   cannot understand what is unclear to you. If you want a direct answer, ask a genuine question.
  • I was bullied to the degree that I am no longer positive that I am understandable and comprehensible to other people. and given how overtrained that I am in communication:

Nina Tryggvason JIBC communication

  •  So. you look that over and let me what you understand and what you do not.
  • please and thank you, eh?
  •   lol
  •  genuine question: what the f*** are you talking about?
  • again. your question is vague and unspecific – what do you understand?

19901-Famous+oscar+wilde+best+quotes 479959404c7138a699cb29751e3e9c5d 1382463346330753 Quotation-Oscar-Wilde-funny-life-suspense-hope-Meetville-Quotes-148640

  •  and you repeating the same thing over and over that you don’t understand, says a lot about your inability to communicate; and puts you in troll behaviorial territory
  • if you want to understand something, try actually reading, listening and viewing it. deduction and logic are good things to learn
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2 Responses to Talking About How to Do Communication

  1. dykewriter says:

    Diana Phoenix Oh Oscar. I wish you were still with us.. You’d give Trump, Bush, Perry, and other assorted assholes ‘what for’, wouldn’t you?

    Nina K Tryggvason actually no. he had is ass pretty much handed to him.


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