Conflict Managed – Yay Me

I used to do this thing to cheer myself up, giving myself recognition for successes.

At first it was all of them with a “Yay Me”,

because everything was Dom-Sub and yes or no

Over time, degrees of meaning… a greyscale gradient

and there was a sequence of three

Yay Me  … something Me with Celebrate Me

I’ve lost that mantra chant


anyway, today, I managed an unexpected conflict event.


I took my Mom to the Elim Village Elderly Warehouse where my Aunt lives

so that my Mom could walk my Aunt from one building into another – connected via a tunnel even, to see the onsite doctor, because Elim wants an extra $32 per appointment to take her.


I sat down in the lobby. There are a few of the ladies who have come to recognize me and chat.

I skimmed the newspaper and then slouched in the seat and closed my eyes to meditate. None of the three that I could recognize by voice and face where there

the lobby seating area I was in had 2 armchairs and a couch in between and I was sitting on one side of the couch

after the armchair, a large plant gave a privacy screen to the next seating cluster and probably a sound barrier for the clients

to me, they may as well have been on the couch

One woman was knitting dishclothes for an upcoming craft sale and another was commenting on her ambitiousness and asked how many offspring she’d had.

“None,” the dishcloth knitter said plainly and then in a lowered voice: “I know you have 7.”

The contest over, they shifted back to the crafting fair and that there was an information fair going on downstairs. There was prizes, this was important.

The woman who had none said “Maybe you win a man!”

“I already had 7. What do I need with a man?”

a curious exchange, in tonal exchange

a third woman joined them and apparently the prizes were candy.

so the information fair speculation ended and now the rehashing of the booths with candy, falling safety, candy, and bathroom safety and candy. it was a more pleasant exchange as a three way. they seemed almost like teenaged girls.

Which explained to me, why there was so few people in the lobby and mail boxes and reception area. and where my Gal Pals were.

I thought to myself about the chatting pair, None and Seven and they each get the same number of family visits. is there never a time where people are just people to each other and not their resume or contributions to overpopulation.

Outwardly, I am wearing black exercise pants and a pink hoodie.

At some point a woman sat down and spoke at me as if I was a homeless person who had wanted in and was sprawled on the furniture.


I said My Aunt live her and my Mom has taken her to the medical appointment in the other building and I was waiting for my Mom to return.

Then I stared at her blankly.

She began to sputter that this was their home, people didn’t know who I was. Then she vaguely remembered the concept of manners and offered me a coffee or tea.

I said no to the beverage, said I understood the concepts of security and that I was not sleeping – I only had my eyes closed.

Then, I stared at her again.

“You don’t have to be defensive, this is our home-”

She had not made any motions to move and she began to repeat her whine.

“I have PSTD, and I do not appreciate talking to strangers, especially repetitious ones.  You’ve established that I am not a threat. Please go away.”

At this point, she looked like an animatronic as she then got very Canadian and narrowed her eyes and offered me coffee. purposely again.

but she also stood up and her breathing became rapid and shallow

this time, I stared at her breasts, which were heaving pleasantly

“You are the one inventing the conflict, where there need not be one.”

then, I pulled my hoodie over my eyes, my elbow on the back of the couch

I remained in a seated position until my Mom showed up

although a client elderly woman asked me if I was feeling okay

it would have looked to a causal observer that I had a head ache

so,for her I lifted my hoodie and said, “I’m okay, thank you, just meditating.”

so now… writing this up

I have to wonder, was that knitter a lesbian?


Dolphins beat up octopuses before eating them, and the reason is kind of horrifying.
Dolphins beat up octopuses before eating them, and the reason is kind of horrifying
Dolphins beat up octopuses before eating them, and the reason is kind of horrifying



Arkansas Struggles to Find Enough People to Watch Executions
Arkansas Struggles to Find Enough People to Watch Executions


  • Eli S.'s profile photo
    Public executions in the town squares used to be the highlight of weekend entertainment … now we have the net.

    Kevin Lam's profile photo

    Didn’t know there was a ‘jury duty’ for executions. I’d definitely feel uneasy if I was called up. Luckily in the UK we done away with capital punishment decades back.


  • Eric Hansen's profile photo
    Not on your fucking life would I watch!
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I am surprised they are not televised in America actually
  • Jim Tipping's profile photo
    This demonstrates how many of my fellow Americans feel about capital punishment: they love it īn theory. In reality… well, they’d rather not see how gruesome and sad the reality is.

    Ivan Sorensen's profile photo

    Er yeah, that’s fucked up, I’d not want to sit in on that.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    I remember when the serial rapist/murder Ted Bundy was executed, and there was a crowd of demonstrators which included a woman crying that “we are killing a human being in there” and I really had to wonder why she still considered him a human given the 30+ known victims.

    in Canada, we don’t have the death penalty anymore. frankly, jailed for life is the more cost effective punishment

    Cheryl Bryant-mauthe's profile photo

    Yeah I hear you Nina,but in America, business men have privatized prisions and it’s big business. More people are in jail for the smallest offense,serving serious time, than ever before
    I would not have considert Ed Bundy a human being
  • Natalia A Ciccone F's profile photo
     I fully agree! In theory, you want people to ‘pay’ for their crimes but I couldn’t watch a life drain out.
  • edwina fawke's profile photo
    Watching anybody judicially killed, murdered in many peoples opinion, clinically and in public is obscene now. Of course there’s difficulty finding viewers. Even in Arkansas!!


What Happens When Men’s Voices Are Silenced
Feminist bookstore turns books by men around so the spines face the wall, leaving only the books by women on display. Uproar ensues. Read what happens when men’s voices, for once, are silenced.
Women’s history month promotion sees bookshop ‘silence men’s voices’ | Books | The Guardian
Women's history month promotion sees bookshop 'silence men's voices' | Books | The Guardian
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    something positive for women, tiggering whiney paranoia in men who need to learn to listen
  • Larry Miller (Red)'s profile photo
    Wow. 🙄
  • Pam Boyd's profile photo
    Just plain petty.
  • Alpha B's profile photo
    Why carry male authors in a feminist bookstore anyway? Go big or go home.😛
  • richard sutliff's profile photo
    Everyone Use Your Voices To Teach Others, Men’s And Women’s See Through a Different Set Of Eyes Both Equally Important….
  • Aleyda Wesley's profile photo
    Why can’t they just let every race and gender have the same amount of saying in things
  • Alpha B's profile photo

    The social justice movement has rotted. It’s more about revenge than justice now and they’re two different things entirely. Egalitarianism has given way to retribution.

    We do. It’s called freedom of expression.
  • Dustin Fairbanks's profile photo
    Sometimes they have to put on show to get attention never let them drag you through the mud to far though without taking steps back
  • Doing something like thus in my opinion, only intensifies the oppression,of the male physic over women, giving their references to how males think females react over many matters. I know these females are making a statement with a style oppression, turn your backs on males.
  • And why can we not get over the crap from the past and just stop all this HATE. Lets learn to respect all persons differences, colour, creed or sex. Its not hard, just let the love shine through
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     because you sell more books prolonging and agonizing over the issues;
    and really, until religion is deemed the mental illness that it is, people will continue to be bothered by that others exist and most offended at those who only vary by a small degree.
  • kerrie barnett's profile photo
    Beautifully worded. Strange how all the turmoil in most peoples lives can be rolled up into one word , RELIGION.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    thank you.
Can money buy a more equal society? Ask George Soros: By using his limitless money to promote political freedom – it’s hard to find a pro-democracy organization he hasn’t funded – the billionaire philanthropist has also empowered those who use his image to promote its opposite
Can money buy a more equal society? Ask George Soros
Can money buy a more equal society? Ask George Soros
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    He promotes depopulation, abortion’s, coup’s, civil disobedience, black lives matters, Al Qaeda white helmets… And will pay and bus ..protester’s as in Ferguson.. and Trump’s inaugeration..he was behind the coup in the Ukraine and it is rumored behind the anarchy occurring in Russia… He also contributed to Trudeau’s campaign… Soros…wants chaos and poverty and control all resources..he is one of the most evil war criminal’s in the world and should of been hung after WWII…and why is the globe promoting this piece of filth ????
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    the solution is education of women, it increases community wealth and reduces the number of offspring they have, it’s why religion forbids it. Robber Barons seeking a Legacy are not the solution given they cause the social poverty in the first place.
    The UN revealed that at the Bejing Women’s Conference, which China told their population was a international sex worker conference. we know what to do, and we know how to do it.



Updating Cancon rules for Internet age comes with political baggage: To sell its modernization of the system, Liberals need to remind Canadians of the bigger picture
Updating Cancon rules for Internet age comes with political baggage
Updating Cancon rules for Internet age comes with political baggage


  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    Hands off the destroy everything you touch…


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Canada has the most bandwidth, so we could rule the internet. More Amanda Todd court cases will make it so
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    where we need CanCon laws are on movie screens, we’re the only nation that does not have that. CanCon ensured we had a music industry.


Hey, ladies… I spotted a real catch! | More: | #atheist #atheism


  • Lively Buzz's profile photo
    The-40-Year-Old Virgin truck.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    he’s never been with a woman who wasn’t paid or crying

    Scott “Pilgrim” The Magnificant's profile photo

    Jesus Christ.
     Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     sad but true, eh




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