So it’s Same Old at the “New NDP”

Liberals set to turf two MPs accused of sexual misconduct … › News › Politics

Mar 18, 2015 – Liberal insiders say the fate of Montreal MP Massimo Pacetti and … female NDP MP had allegedly been sexually harassed by Andrews.

2 Liberal MPs accused of sexual harassment to get ……/2-liberalmpsaccused-of-sexual-harassment-to-get-per…

Nov 25, 2014 – NDP MP tells story behind sex accusation against Liberal … says Trudeau · Committee decides it can’t create sexual harassment policy for MPs …

I wish I felt safe enough to actually make a comment.
mostly, I wish I didn;t live where sirens frequently pass by. sometimes at inopportune moments… like when I post……

and you know I am too scared to think of anyone that I could tag and pretend like I was talking to someone

but tagging anyone with makes me more nervous

and that lacks goodness…..good… gud…hiccup stutter…coughing/..traoch ear nose throt… smell and taste…

inflamation… inflamatory… inflation… proportionality.. man I like when summer starts and the trees aren’t molesting us all with their pollen, eh?

The Conservative-appointed vice-chair of the Parole Board of Canada was told to stay home for six months after an inquiry into workplace harassment, but…
Well, Blogosphere, I had a bad ending to a promising group on Facebook, and I realized that it’s been a while.
I became fully agoraphobic in August 2011.
My first attempt to re-socialize on line was in a peer writer’s group where I had been a participant for the last decade and a half.
In my first general online – facebook – resocializing, I was bullied out of or kicked out of almost 20 international gay lesbian bisexual transpangendiegueer human equality groups because I was an atheist.
I even stopped blogging for a while and this past year 2014.. Well I stopped joining groups and I only recently started – and that is why I have been getting more blog hits and feeling like this blog has a point.
Anyway, yesterday in an NDP – New Democratic Party of Canada grassroots office of some 5000 members, there was a flame war over another member posting his blogs.
Whether this was about having discussion or just self promoting.
Well I am trying to get into a discussion, so to me that is just confusing and I said that since I am a blogger who posts my links, I have concerns about that being deemed a concern or criticism.
people assured me that my posts were fine and my points were agreeable – but his framework was not so.. I still don’t get it.
Anyway, as it turned out, I got a message this morning from a woman admin advising me that I was in violation of the group rules in that I had blocked a male admin of the group.
the name was not known to be, and I block many people every day who intentionally trigger anxiety or panic.
So I replied to her that if I had in fact blocked him, then he had offended or distressed me and that I am in PTSD recovery; so I was unwilling to lift any block and would in fact, leave the group.
Which, I promptly did. No goodbye post, No drama – just in – leave group – prevent new invites – and out.
When I went back to let her know, she had message me with a diatribe about what a nice guy he was and seriously.
What woman does not understand when another woman says – this man triggered a panic attack – it means – do not persist in pushing the man.
She triggered me to have a secondary related anxiety attack..
So seriously, tell me again about how a party being lead by a guy in that problem boomer generation
is going to be different?
What I most remember when the women NDP reported the Liberal Male harrassment – the NDP sat on the information until it was useful to them
but, when Justin Trudeau heard about it – he BELIEVED THEM and took action to investigate
WHICH by the way, Properly included removing either the accused or the accuser from continued contact and harm
So… I think if we really want something new, then Millenials – you outnumber the Boomers
they do not want you to know that, eh?
Age & Treachery only beats Youth & Ethusiam when:
1. they provide enough distraction toys and events (international expos and sports)
when there is still more of them
the baby boomers won the birth lottery for their century
so do not let them
take away yours milennials
You have the ability to change the world – it starts with voting
because in most of the world, that is the right people are most dying for
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