Our Daily Elvis: Head Injuries

Give Us This March 9, our Daily Elvis

Elvis performed at the Armory, Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Elvis spent $103 at Lansky Brothers Clothing Store.

He performed at the Chickasaw Ballroom, Chisca Hotel, Memphis.
Elvis took Elizabeth on a motorcycle ride to show her Memphis.
Elvis reported to MGM for preproduction on Harum Scarum. After wardrobe tests Elvis recorded vocal tracks for the instrumental backups that were made in Nashville.
In the middle of the night Elvis fell in the Bathroom at Rocca Place. The Colonel arrived and a doctor was called, whom came back the other day with a portable X-ray machine. Elvis had no fractures, but the event did cause another delay in the start of production. The whole thing provided the Colonel with a reason to reprimand the entire group and Larry Geller most of all.
Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, at 2.30 and 11.00 p.m.
1967 – Elvis’ First Bathroom Fall


Elvis Presley, the Hillbilly Cat of the 1950s, who broke racial barriers by singing blues like country and country like blues, infused with a gospel fervor and a promise of sexual pleasures.

Elvis Presley, the Sixties Screen Machine, churning out feel good movies, extended music videos really: the Star Vehicles crafted around him.

Elvis Presley: the Seventies Jumpsuited Arena God, bestowing sweated on scarves, and kisses as blessings.

Elvis has Left the Building indeed.


During the filming of Jailhouse Rock in the 1950s, Elvis had a crown knocked out of his mouth and into a lung.

In the 60s, Elvis fell in bathroom, striking his head.

Col Parker, seeing the danger of loosing his Golden Goose Mealticket, used the opportunity to force Elvis out of his routine of that time.

Parker imposed a hierarchy on Elvis’ inner circle of friends, made Elvis get rid of his spiritual books and limited the amount of time that Larry Geller, the California New Age Hairdresser could spend with Elvis. Oddly, he did not touch on the drugs.

Parker’s concern was that Elvis be focused on money, not mattering and meaning.

Col Parker not only brokering the deals, but now stepping into Elvis’ private life to ensure the deals would be kept.

From this incident, Elvis lost his spiritual books, his personal porn collection and his bachelorhood. In 2 months, he would be married, and the fan fantasy of meeting and marrying him ended; he was 35 and of the age that not being married would appear suspicious.


Head Injuries were not well understood then and even now remain tricky things.

Elvis could easily have broken his neck and died on the 1967 fall, as it was, he would fall to the bathroom floor, and die there, like most who die in their home, in a bathroom slip n fall or a heart attack.




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