Gay Haters are Self Loathers – We do not need any more “studies”

This week Medical Daily reported on “Patrick,” a “simulated patient that talks to medical students while offering real-time feedback about the virtual prostate exam he’s receiving.” Patrick is connected to a mock prostate in a…

  •  Available for home use, as well as the Republican National Convention.
  • maybe they should all be issued one so they could work out their ass sex issues in private and not project onto the rest of us, eh?


The first time I was exposed to gay bashing was in a creative writing class in college.

One of the students had handed in a story about a gay man being lured out of the bar, into an alley for the anticipated consensual sex – only to be confronted with 4 more men – all of whom then slurname call, beat and then in turn, rape him.

The class had 6 students.

There was that male biracial student and myself the same age.

Then there was a middle aged housewife and three retirees.

So it was really edgy of him and I couldn’t wrap my brain around the rape part. it seemed so inconsistent.

but I knew it wasn’t a fiction story.

Now it makes absolute sense. Our brains process sex and violence in the same part of our brains.

Which is why, if the modern era had encountered the bonobos before the more ranged chimpanzees, the entire understanding our ourselves through the science – soft science of behavioral to the psychological – would have been entirely different.

But it is that very self correcting and internal checks and balances that allows science to progress while religion stagnates and is the status quo to be overcome.

the dominance and submission reverbs

if they accepted themselves, they could accept others

being able to work and play well is the measure of socialization and emotional intelligence

not being able to and demanding the whole world conform

that is abhorrent to nature

infinite diversity in infinite combinations

Star Trek… Gene Roddenbury

keep on trekking

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3 Responses to Gay Haters are Self Loathers – We do not need any more “studies”

  1. dykewriter says:

    Actually, that is not entirely true.

    I was verbally gay bashed in high school – I was called a dyke, a lesbo lesbian along with fat slurs.

    and that name calling has continued as an adult – generally from males 16 to 25 – but certainly also from older boomerosaur generation members

    dear teenagers – being a teen sucks. but being an adult .. high school nver fucking ends.


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