I Dyked in Public Today

I was in New Westminster, BC, between the Church and The Hospital at the crosswalk.

I was crossing to the side where there was a woman approaching the other way crossing.

A man, without a helmet and riding a bike on the sidewalk – one hand on the steering wheel, the other clutching a paper bag of empty drink bottles.

A third older woman walking to the crossing.

I got to that side and the already there woman’s side, as the Man on the Bike screamed “Don’t take up all the space!” and slithered by her onto the disability access ramp at all the street corners.

“Illegal on the sidewalk, asshole” I screamed and he started to turn back and I stared him down and he waved his hand, probably flipping me off, but I had stopped watching.

The woman was in surprise shock, mouth opened, but not gasping, or breathing elevated.

“Fucking Me” I said, breaking her state and she stared at me.

The older woman said “He’s clearly mental, better to avoid him.”

I said something about that’s a good reason to carry a baseball bat.

Which caused them both to look at me in a way that suggested that was not in the expected response range.

The crossing light now for the direction of traffic. three women crossed in silence, then parted ways.


Anyway, I was out of the house for about 6 hours, and had been moving the parked vehicle. So yay me, celebrate and score, that guy did not even make me break stride.

anyway, tomorrow is therapy day.


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