Hearing and Listening: the Difference

When I was a teenager in the 80s, I was an Elvis fan.

an aunt of mine gave me Boney M’s greatest hits album for christmas

saying she wanted me to listen to good music.

She was deaf……………………….. not kidding. She’d been deaf since early childhood.

all she heard was the beat, not the singing nuances……


She also taught me that cartoons are just mouth flaps, so she never could follow them. You can’t lip read when people cover their mouths or fail to enunciate. Mumblese.


With my inability to cope with the soundscape around me, and being overwhelmed by sounds


being overwhelmed by how mean people are to each other as a matter of course.


the  of social discourse has become so course



I reverted to my inner child from my workplace and homelife experiences


but in recovery, my inner child is now the one who’s hurt and it’s the adult me starting to take over


intellectual and emotional balancing


boredom defeats terror


anger defeats despair




I circle the drain


and hunker down


for the next storm front



unexpected events within predicted circumstances

trend analysis and future projecting





I don;t think I want to generalize or aggregate from there anymore




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