Communicating with Communication

The medium might be the message, or the message is the media.

it gets confusing….

Revelators the cherry knot twist

I was going to do a while series of cartoons to teach communiction skills in a work shop setting!

I drew this in 2011 – as a desperate attempt to once again take all the blame for the communication problems

with every single person

to try to get people to see teh funny side of complete conversation failure

and the problem of people not realizing they are dealing with an introverted person

so the cartoon sorts of inverts

the first view is … no. I just confused myself trying to flip between

artist intention vs audience take away


crossing the line of what the artist is venting, which is the inversion infinity loop.

okay, made myself dizzy tryig to scope that down to know it’s understandable

nbu but now I am not sure what I was saying or talking about

because talking makes me nervous.

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1 Response to Communicating with Communication

  1. dykewriter says:

    There’s only one rule and it’s very flexible – so it’s not named after cold shiny metals – it’s flesh and blood and warm and fuzzy:

    Think and Care

    Think about what you know about the people you are interacting with

    Think about what people are saying and what they are omitting

    Think about communication, consequences and continuing relationships

    Think about what’s required and appropriate in the situation

    Care enough about yourself and others to make as many situations as you can be win-win – or at least win a little and not lose too much.

    Think and Care

    I cannot stress and harp on this point too much:

    If a person is unable to understand what’s moral and not moral without resorting to an external authority – then they aren’t moral – they are only following orders.

    And we know how that works out for society.


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