Raw Recovery Specialist: Weebles Wobble

Mantras, Phrases, are Brain Macros, triggers

Peak Performance Meditation

Weebles Wobble They Don’t Fall Down


the source doesn’t matter, it’s the patter of the words

chanting is about unfocussing the mind toward mindfulness

being of the thought, not in the thought, faster than the speed of naught

sound the tone and the vibe, pleasant and soft or cutting one’s sight

jingle jangle rhythm and rhyme melodious reason



An Ode to retail therapy


Gen X as adults is why you are now seeing colouring books at the grocery store.

Childhood as therapy, Inner Child Healing, because that is how  deep most people’s wounds go, and as their family does, so turns the world…


raw recovery specialist


Preview: Quantum Brain or Greycell mass upon a neural net – a cross blog posting.


Is there a god or a ghost in the wetware machine – Human Brains are the only currently known quantum computing, being able to entertain ideas without adopting them, and being able to maintain contradictions balanced with cognitive dissonance.

Is the emergence of Autism a new evolution or one that has become punctuated, given the advent of modern medicine greatly altering the infant mortality rates in secular nations?

Brains: Use it or Lose it – How to Code and Re-Code, Recovery and Recompile

GIGO – Garbage in, Garbage Out

PotWatch: Reefer Madness was not a documentary.

PopCultureWatch: Hollywood invented mental illnesses: The Three Faces of Eve, Francis and Nuts: Where the real Mad Scientists Live

Movies vs Mental Health


Three Jesuses Walk into a Mental Hospital


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The Survivor Stories: NDEs, Aliens and Satan Oh My!


Coping with Complicated Greif: Dear White People: Elvis ate and couch potatoed and self medicated himself to death with drugs. Elvis Presley didn’t enjoy being The King; Elvis and he alone was responsible for using drugs all the way back before the Army, and he alone was responsible for what he ate.

Why Elvis Presley Died

Elvis Presley died aged 42, alone in the bathroom of his mansion, Graceland. He was known for his energetic performances, his beauty, his voice, and was the most famous man during his lifetime and today is represented in statues all … Continue reading

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