Hetero-Homo Relationships

so if white people who want to be black are wiggas,

what are straight people who want to be part of the queer community?

  •  You tell me! ‘ Fag hag” is a name for women who hang with gays, but I don’t care for it–to me, it is demeaning.
  •  no. fag hag is a woman who is in love with a specific gay man. straight women who are pals with gay men are allies.
  •  fag hag is demeaning and it is one of the most abusive of human relationships
  •  Oh okay. that makes me an ‘allie’.Thanks.
  •  Ally yup yup yup
  • whichever!
  •  Lesbosexuals instead of heterosexuals!!! Hahahaha! I am sure I could come up with something better if I thought about it….this just popped into my head! LOL
I am a lesbian and a science fiction geek, both at the same time. I wrote this story on a fan site that…
Will and Grace was a very breakthru TV show – the premise was to come up with a realistic obstacle that could never be overcome so the show could continue as long as possible.
The result was a man and woman both looking for a man like him. But since they were pretty boring people, quirky sidekicks were added for the contrast and comedy.
The expression “Fag Hag” has become a bit watered down in the public mind to mean a heterosexual woman who is friends with Gay Men.
That is not what it is.
A Fag Hag is a woman who is romantically fixated on a particular gay man to the deteriment of other relationships and what makes the relationship the most unhealthy one is that the Gay Man basically uses her for himself while having all kinds of relationships.
A perpetual on the hook.
Now, I am saying this as a lesbian who was friends with gay men and watched and saw them string these women along.
In fact, every single time I post on a gay news forum, I get all kinds of gay men who do extoll the virtues of their heterosexual women friends.
But when I ask them – and the benefit to the woman is what?
there are not even crickets in response.
How fucking telling is that?
It is possible to have healthy friendships with anyone as long as boundaries are maintained.
And being friends with people who are different from you is recommended. It broadens you as a person and there should be an exchange of value that both sides understand.
So most people are takers or givers.
Anyway, it is harder for heterosexual men to befriend lesbians. For obvious reasons.
 ~~~~~~~~~~appended 2015-07-11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lower pay, rape culture, objectification, fat-shaming, butch-shaming, dyke-shaming, bi-shaming… Need we go on?

dear straight women

we already know that and we were part of the movement until you didn’t want people to think you were lesbians

so seriously. fuck off mainstream

stop blaming minorities for Men and your catering to them.

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