The Culture of Co-Opting

Culture is what The People Share

Art Products, once out there, makes copyright meaningless

and, in any case, it benefits the distributors rather than creators.

Elvis Presley gets all the blame and none of the credit that he merits.

He was a Bard, the Bard of the 1900s, the 20th Century as we currently measure time, as the Gregorian/Julian Calendar switch; into the Modern Era of Time Keeping – adding a leap second to an existing leap year system of 12 months with varying days: Common Era or Current Era – Post Global Contact and knowing that there are in fact, other people there – around the world.

in the 1950s, only teenagers could understand what Elvis was saying, and he sold so many records inside America, that the rest of the world bought his records and had to learn English. He personified the internet to come in many ways.

Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock co-star Judy Tyler – died in a car accident, along with her husband on this day – July 3 in 1956.

Judy had been a tv star on the 1950s classic children’s program: Howdy Doodie.

Princess Summerfall Winterspring

Judy Tyler – IMDb

Makes the Toy Story franchise even more horrifying, eh.

HOWDY DOODY — Pictured: (l-r) Judy Tyler as Princess Summerfall Winterspring, Bob Smith as Buffalo Bob Smith, Bill LeCornec as Oil Well Willie — Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank


The Death of Judy Tyler

Judy Tyler … Elvis’s Classy Leading Lady in “Jailhouse Rock”


Separating the person from their work, actors vs singers

Curious though, the creepy Sullivan TV Guide and then the feminizing of Elvis


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