In 2017, This should not have to be explained

In America: Free Speech is about sounds from your mouth – it is a personal right and limited to the range of your voice.

It does not include written words, which are subject to liability laws – and professional published words are under other legislation.


Free Speech is about words and sounds; it does not include actions – such as using weapons or burning crosses. Free Speech is not responsibility free speech, nor is it limited to first speech, so speaking is at peril of being disagreed with, with another person’s words.

One may use talking points, or a bulleted list of points

Speech is not bullets, with life ending points.

Differences of opinions are required to be allowed in a democratic society.

There is no right to threaten verbally or physically harm or intimidation or actual harm to other persons or property.


In Canada, there is freedom of expression.


And, as with freedom of speech, it does not require others to listen to you; and there are limits about using one’s access to the public square to denigrate an entire demographic of people.

These are reasonable social limits – and it’s because the previous social attempts have failed – the 1970s Affirmative Action and the 1990s Employment Equity.


This was the Public being told to work and play well together.


And too many individual people refuse to do so outside of their demographic, and too many other people are trying to be “fair”; and who fail to understand


There is no “fair”: when one demographic wants to genocide another, and makes an issue of polite manners.

Sometimes, Dear Public the only reply to a person like that is “Fuck No, Lest We Forget”

There are no innocent people in anguish that these bad things that are clearly criminal in nature – there are bullies, enablers and victims.

Until there are only two of those groups left

By now, People Should expect The Spanish Inquistion, The European/USA Witch Burnings; and Government Genocides – which began with the Vatican in the middle ages; and then became Boer War concentration camps in South Africa; to the Canada Indian Act Reservation System (which inspired the later and now ended South African Apartheid); and into Industrial Production by Germany in WW2: European Theatre.

The WW1/WW2 wars to end all wars, the horrific destruction on a mass production scale

From Runners with Bayonets vs Machine Gun Nests to swarms of solders debarking on beaches vs machine gun nests, to 4 Shermans vs 1 Panzer, from Dog fights to Bomber Runs, to the first use of a weapon so horrifying it was only used twice.

Until 1964, when Russia’s Tsar bomb changed the very nature of all life on earth born afterwards – a test where the sound wave went around the globe 6 times detected.

Then, the space race… which takes more than one nation

and it’s not okay to pollute one area or enslave any demographic in meaningless dirty, dangerous and dull work; it’s all the same water and air, and the earth makes and ends land mass to ocean all the time.

Homo Sapiens is the only species that has shaped the landscape to suit civilization’s purpose.

We are all the same, the question is the smart; an arrogant species assumption

over-breed our niches and leave piles of feces

meanwhile, in the end of the America as a social experiment

where the individual became the social unit of consequence, rather than the family/clan or to the demographic born


This protecting criminal conduct: and it’s terrorism by groups, hate crime by an individual

and allowed by a nation, dictatorship of theocracy


June 22, 1992…By unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that hate-crime laws that ban cross-burning and similar expressions of racial bias were in violation of free-speech rights.



It is unfair to tell the children to not bully, when they see what the adults do

Police complain about exclusion after being asked not to walk in Pride parade

Dear Police:

Deal with your authority Issues and learn some Sensitivity

then, you can be invited back

but right now, Police are a bigger social problem,

It’s not us, it’s you.

and this is more controlling harassment of the LGBTQ demographic, and some of whom, are cops

who really should know better, and that’s down to police corporate culture
RCMP vs Women Class Action
Military vs Women
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