New Balance Shoes & Stores

I had a very successful Agoraphobic Outing with my Mom today.

First stop – the New Balance Store in Strawberry Hills Area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

I was first introduced to New Balance when it had just the one location in Vancouver BC, over by the Granville Island Market at 4th just at the bad corner of the bridge merge.

At that time, I was wearing shoes with steel bottoms and caps, because I was occasionally on construction sites and I found it less stressful to be on public transit on the Skytrain when people can’t step on your toes.

My arches had started to fall and I needed a partial insert, which I wore when I wore the steel shoes and eventually, changing jobs and not wearing that weight, as nice as it was for the calves

Also, being diabetic, I had to have supportive shoes. so since the 1990s, I have only worn New Balance.

usually I buy 2 pairs of the same solid black model and this time, I bought 1 pair of that in version three – my old pair of 6 years actually didn’t have much wear, it was my B pair – while the A of that pair is rather shabby and worn, shoe parts broken, take them to the yard and Old Yeller only with shoes.

Anyway, today I bought 1 black model version 3, which I will rotate with 6 years old same earlier model – and my 2nd pair was running shoes.

I was going to get walking, but the cushioning and return energy on the running shoe actually improved my posture just standing there, removing some low level knee pains.

I plan to start doing block laps and try being out of the house in the front yard, rather in the back.

So, while the product is a total recommend, this blog post is really kudos to that particular store and their knowledgeable staff who do customer service and not sales.


New Balance Vancouver | New Balance Shoe Stores

New Balance: Athletic Footwear & Fitness Apparel

Then 2 clothing stores, without purchases, everything in that too femme or 15 years too old or 10 years too young, the other too flannel/denim.

Cactus Club for lunch – they’ve changed the decor from Grotesquerie  Humour of Golden Gilt Frames with painting and various small animal heads with horns from very much other animals. Gilded Grotesquerie Taxidermical Whimsey… Yuppie Burger Bars and Fusion Neuvo Cusiness and Haute PeasantFoods…

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