Brunching at IHOP

After therapy this morning, I took my Mom to brunch at IHOP on Scott Road. I mean 120th Street on the Surrey side, it’s the Delta divided demarcation, set out in dotted and solid lines, of the single and double variety.

For the non-locals, it was the road that the Scott Family Farm was on, and when the land went from village to city incorporated, the numbered grid was made in the fashion of the time the numbered streets and avenues for the compass direction  w/e and n/s  respectively. some roads/streets were named for the land owners which had been the regional landmark directions and identifying community founders into the very foundation.

Anyway, brunch was unexpectedly delicious. so mild food porn warning, eh.


The server, Parm, laughed knowingly at my if you don’t have coffee in an IV bag, then a table pot will do gag. She was really quick with bringing it too.

Ready to order? she asked.

we were not, they had changed the menu since we’d last been to an IHOP and there were too many interesting choices. We said no, we needed more time.

Shopping when hungry is bad, but not as much as ordering when hungry and bordering on insensible. That blood sugar dip n dive.

I had planned on a balance of carb and protein in the eggs benny or pancakes n sausage going in. Expecting a brunch menu, there was a full sweep of meals breakfast, brunch, lunch, lupper and dinners. Canadians are hobbits, eh.

and viewing the picture menu of items, I felt that brunch indecision shift into lunch, with a better balance of food groups and seasonings.

I joked that I was tempted by the chicken strips and waffles, and my Mom’s ick response ended that fleeting thought.

Parm came back and thought it was funny we weren’t ready when we complained that there were too many delicious looking choices. we apologized and said we needed more time.

I hovered between two items and my Mom waivered between two things.

an overlap of choice, so I suggested getting any two of the three things and sharing.

agreed! and we barely looked up for Parm and there she was. the place was about a 1/3 full now.

My Mom ordered the two items for sharing and on impulse, I ordered the mozzarella strips with marina sauce as an appie.  I actually asked for the appetizer on rush, because I felt the blood sugar dip worsen.

I flashed my wrist at Parm so she could see the tattoo of the medic alter symbol and the word “Diabetic”

They did arrive quickly and they were the best ones that I had ever had, and the hunger aspect wasn’t a factor.

The battering was light and extremely crispy with a very low greasey factor, and the cheese was on the right side of melted but not molten – the balance was amazing and perfect with the … “fresh” is the best word for the marina sauce, lightly acidic, fruity and clean with onion and tomato slivers.

I explained to Parm that it sounded funny to compliment franchise food fare, but these were excellent. She really laughed at that.

The food arrived as the cheese sticks disappeared and I finished the marina sauce with my spoon; tomato-y heart smart goodness.

for lunch, we shared the cheesesteak and the bacon topped chicken potato hash.

By this time, the place was full and the lunch rush had begun.

We enjoyed the food, dividing each order. The Cheesesteak completely eaten, and most of the potatos and some chicken leftover for a brunch at home with some additional leftover chicken and maybe an egg, eh.

Parm came over and asked if I needed a take way container, and apologized that they didn’t have a pay at the table portable machine.

No worries, I said – and I checked my change for a table tip, but I only had small coins, and that’s my parking meter stash. so off to pay and tip at the counter.

There was a number of employees – the hostess was chatting with a kitchen staffer.

There was a cashier and when I paid, I said again how much we’d enjoyed the meal.

It was weird though, because I’d been in the building before, when it was originally a Bino’s Coffee and then it was a funky Italian-Japan Fusion I think.

I said it would be sooner than 20 years for me to come back and the cashier said she’d never been in an IHOP or a Denny’s before she worked there.

I looked surprised and she explained that she was from The Island. (For Non-British Columbians, that’s Vancouver Island)

“Ah, well,” I said, “You’re here on the mainland now.”

Her co-workers paused in the chatting and watched the playful interplay.

She laughed under her breath, and I left the building for home.

IHOP Restaurants in Surrey, British Columbia (BC) › BC

Visit your local Surrey, British Columbia (BC) IHOP Restaurant Locations for Pancakes, Breakfast, Omelettes, French … 8170 120Th Street, Surrey, Bc, V3W 3N3.


North American and Japanese chain of breakfast oriented restaurants. Company profile, menus, locations, and contact details.


meanwhile, online dot dot dot

Great, expect more of this minimizing bullying from the Godwin’s Law exceptions: – Donald Trump Jr. thinks “triggered” LGBTQ students are insipid crybabies

Donald Trump Jr. thinks "triggered" LGBTQ students are insipid crybabies

Donald Trump Jr. thinks “triggered” LGBTQ students are insipid crybabies
Vladimir Putin is going to absolutely hate the “Gay Clown Putin Challenge”
Vladimir Putin is going to absolutely hate the "Gay Clown Putin Challenge"
“Imagine if the UN was going to the United States and raping children and bringing cholera,” said one lawyer in Haiti, where UN peacekeepers face hundreds of allegations of child sex crimes.
More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed | Toronto Star
More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed | Toronto Star

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    time to replace the UN with the World Federation (yes star trek)

    Randy Ramadhin's profile photo

    This is sad.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    Sadly not the first time or first place. The UN is kinda on par with the Vatican Sex Scandal Level.
Police officers should try to find out what they are going into and to defuse the situation, if possible, experts said.
Police almost certainly didn’t have to do that to United passenger David Dao, experts say | Toronto Star
Police almost certainly didn’t have to do that to United passenger David Dao, experts say | Toronto Star

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    like tasering?


  • Jennifer Pitts's profile photo
    How about ummm… I donno…. don’t overbook it that much then bump someone who already paid, boarded, is seated, etc?!
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    YVR flashbacks. Canada really can’t say the same or worse couldn’t happen when it already has.


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