Is This a Teachable Moment?

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    it is clearly time for hetero males to have to be chaperoned and curfewed. (semi-sarcasm, kinda off)
    -Blocked and Deleted Troll posted-
    +Bernard Tremblay that will be why he will get away with it and everyone else knows it’s a hate crime (and done.) ūüôā
    +Bernard Tremblay It is silly on one hand and semi-serious as a personal opinion on the other, given all the nations were women are subjected to extreme social control. seems to me that the wrong gender has run of the streets.
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    What does being a “Trump supporter” (whatever that means) have to do with the incident at hand? Was the individual shouting “Donald Trump!” at the top of his lungs like a Jihadist would shout “Allahu Akbar”? What am I missing here
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    you are missing the connection between leaders and followers and not understanding the hate crime dynamic; plus, those words what they sound that they mean.
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    +Bernard Tremblay what you are missing is the context of my viewpoint, other than that, I do not understand what you do not
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    But the most important part of the crime apparently: Trump supporter
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    According to the witnesses he asked people their political affiliation and if they said “Republican” he told them to leave but if “Democrat” he attacked them with a machete.
    Being a Trump supporter is pertinent but nobody would ever imagine Trump threatening to physically attack anybody – except for wanting to punch a baby at one of his rallies.
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    Well, if he indeed targeted individuals with differing political party affiliations this is not a “hate crime.” Political party affiliation is not a protected class.
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    +Bernard Tremblay why is it silly for men, but religion for women to be so socially controlled?
    (troll response)
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  • kindly do not project on me like that – I thought we were having a conversation and you wanted to understand the context of my opinion. so if you do not wish to chat say that no need to invent drama
    +Bernard Tremblay you seem intent on discussing rules of how to talk, never mind. what could have been interesting is just another dom/sub circle jerk of literate vs literary. and, in the context of the topic, hate crimes. ironic metre vaporized.
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    (addressing a 3rd blocked troll who ponders Media as if it’s a philosophical diversion)
    +Obi Dave Kenobe the fact that a man used violence is the story, motive is speculation. the media is not the problem, the story subject and those who excuse him and deflect are the problem.
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    Nina, I think the issue some people have with this story is the perception there is a lack of integrity and impartiality in how the narrative has been crafted here. Violence should not be excused, but in this instance this act of violence seems to have been reported exclusively for political reasons. The agenda here is clearly to try to further imply those that approve of Donald Trump are violent, criminal, and intolerant. I can’t say I respect such motives.
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    +Bernard Tremblay I did read your comment, however, I desired to further accentuate the absolutely ludicrous narrative at hand here. In any event, you should not presume everyone will choose to engage with you or that the term “social media” is anything more than an oxymoron.
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    yes, that is their issue and it’s a beside the point matter, the fact is, there was a crime, and motive is for the trial not the speculation media or public. so people focus on the stupid to avoid the obvious that men need to deal with other men and call them on violence behaviour, otherwise, they are agreeing with the violence. and that is the “false news” cries of trolls, who are not authentic people but users.
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    +Obi Dave Kenobe yes, your point is vary small and rather lacking in any. Repeating it does not make it more valid or true; besides, this is a developing story and news breaks in cycles
    +Obi Dave Kenobe you assert your point, and then ignore mine and whine more and you think grammar is an issue? on the internet? is this your first day as a troll?
  • as if there is only 1 English.
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  • Nina, to clarify, the motive I’m referring to is that of the media in reporting this case, not that of the criminal defendant in carrying out an act of violence.
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    Media has only 1 motive: sales, any information is mostly accidentally and always lacks context for meaning. A story about yet another Pale Male who uses violence is not really news, just status quo.
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    I would agree with you, though I take exception to and don’t respect the racial overtones. That’s not appropriate.
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    I have no idea what you are referring to, bigotry is power down, not commenting upwards. Your comment falls into sexism – agreeing with substance but as if the words or speaker alter that truth? (I posted the below link to this blog:)
  • CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape¬†Fantasy

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    6 days since this was posted and you want to argue about White Men’s criminality being spoken about in polite respectful terms?
  • can you repeat what you said, can’t hear you over the sound of all the other Males of various descriptions?
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    so Hannah Morgan's profile photo, apparently the trick to talking to men about the problems that men are in society is to treat them as if they are somehow different, even though you need their individual permission to have your own world experience, expertise and view.

Advocating Rape is a hate crime

rape memes or ‚Äúwhy dinner means¬†sex‚ÄĚ

Politics and Rape ‚ÄúJokes‚ÄĚ

Rape Culture 201

The Dark side of the Bodice Ripper: The Romance of Rape

Understanding Rape Culture 101

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic


as for hate motivating crime  vs a hate crime

a person hating a group and attacking members of that group who have to verbally identify as a member

is a little bit different than a person hating a group and attacking members of said group that they visually identify as a member – whether they are or not, depends on the visibility of the demographic

that said, a person who hates a group of people so much that they go out with a machete looking for people is obviously planning to do a violent crime

so, I got to wonder, why people feel compelled to tell the truth to someone holding or carrying a weapon?

hate motivates most violent crime and our brains process violence and sex in the same region of the brain, so crimes of passion vary according to emotion

Fear vs jealousy

Insecurity combined with anger and fuelled by blame and most importantly, blaming others – minorities that the majority feels secure enough to oppress systemically and socially

a hate crime is a ordinary person expression and usual in ordinary conversations

people who are not lawyers, who speak as if they are and focus on technicalities as if it wins them the conversation are missing the larger social issue and the public concern

which is not getting criminals off at every stage of crime to trial – sexual innuendo intended.

it is that people do not understand that freedom of speech and expression does not include actions; and if done in the benefit of authority, is being applied incorrectly

Free Speech is to protect the unpopular speech of telling those who oppress that they may not


I am not a lawyer, but I did work for some. And @ RCMP.

so, somewhere between layperson and professional expert

'Gay panic defence' law reform proposed in South Australia - OUTInPerth - Gay and Lesbian News and Culture

So, to try to understand this defense claim: “I am so afraid of other kinds of people that I become homicidal”

 How is that not a confession?
Much Like the sighting of a female causing rape

Agoraphobic Philosopher

Understanding Hate Crime 101

Pride Flags and Hate Crimes

Crime vs Hate Crime: Mac’s

How Hate Crimes become terrorism

Hate and Person vs Social Crime

Public Hate Crimes vs Crimes of Hate against the public

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