Frostbitten 2017

I can say there’s not been a winter like this, not Snowmageddon of 1996.

With almost 2 feet of snow, compressed to ice and snow pack, under another amount, dry days and the rain now.

I got a bit of frostbite on a left foot toe, it’s a patch the size of a quarter and should heal well.

It was just a bit of a shock, and it is difficult to not be reminded of my hypothermia in the middle of last decade. Then it was November and the ground was frozen solid and then there was a snow dump.

November storm season, so I wanted to secure the side yard gate by installing a foot lock.

I pre-drilled the holes and then stupidly, sat on the ground to place and hand secure the lock.

I felt the heat leave my body and it wasn’t long before the snow bank off the driveway looked like a good place to lay down.

Part of my brain, in a voice like Mrs Danvers in Rebecca, the at the window scene, told me it would be okay to lay down, the snow wasn’t as cold as it seemed.

I even started to lie down, then a part of my brain remembered a short story in a science fiction anthology.

It started with the young man, wounded in winter and dragging himself into a cabin, then the flashback of a story of a peasant boy who learns the Military signals and against the odds, is allowed to join and is on his first assignment.

However, he is attacked by a wild animal, and while he made it back to the cabin, he dies without a fire and the door left open.

the story upset me at the time I read it, all that effort for a wild animal attack

then, I struggled to my feet and walked passed the closed garage door, into the front door, which I closed, and managed to stagger to the couch.

passing out before I hit the cushions and waking up some time later

compounded memories

funny enough to freeze in your own yard


I first got pneumonia from an air conditioner in August.


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2 Responses to Frostbitten 2017

  1. We are having a bitter cold streak here in Alberta. It’s the second time since the late November north winds slammed us. Snow started on December 23rd and keeps coming. Carry a small emergency kit in the car for the days I use it. Good warm clothing required for walking. Skin will freeze in less than 30 seconds. Take care out there.

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