Depression and TV

Depression is not having the ability to get off of the couch.

Major Depression is not caring about that.

Even though sitting and watching is the same activity physically, it feels different to watch a fiction program vs a documentary. One can learn from either one.

Nina ERT kit Nina Coast Guard Certification

I watch mostly disaster documentaries, geological events and extreme weather to human caused by design flaw, construction errors and poor maintenance.

What strikes me about the documentaries that focus on location events – especially those requiring evacuations – is why people assume that the government will be able to function and respond?

government is people, who live in the communities or a suburb of where they work, where the disasters are happening.

People mostly know about flight and flight, but that most people go catatonic with panic and fear seems lesser understood.

it comes down to training really.

drilling until responses to situations are automatic

tv is one way communication, the internet another

Vancouver Sun
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Christy Clark and most of Canada’s premiers recently signed the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. “Framework” is a good t…
This is why government should get out of the business of roads and transportation.
government’s role is infrastructure; the private sector has no public mandate.

The only thing government should do is what defines it, violence. Unless building a road requires pointing guns at people, government should not be involved.

Government can’t even grow or distribute food without causing mass starvation. If you want something done right, you let the market do it.

Government has nothing it did not steal.

you need to consume less american culture

Government is not society or culture.

it is the framework of those things



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