CBC’s Sex Trial

Believe the victims meets Due Process in hashtags.

CBC, Canada’s national broadcaster is a microcosm of government and maybe it’s odd to think of radio and television that way, but it’s true when the budget comes from the Treasury Board, Department or Agency under a Department by Scheduled Legislation.

Jian Ghomeshi trial: When #BelieveTheVictims meets #DueProcess – Canada  (CBC)

Jian Gomeshi was a radio host who’s career ended with accusations of sexual abuse and sensationalism erupted and the CBC closed ranks and scapegoated him as if he is other than the corporate culture.

The focus immediately on the alleged victims rather than the corporate culture that allowed him – and others – to operate.

I do not work at CBC, I just recognize the corporate behavior and the so called corrective system is worse than the inciting incident.

The need for Guilty Until Proven Innocent is one thing but making Victims utter liars until vindicated is why the system fails in justice.

Victims have to be better than pure and have documentation for events that perpetrators tend to avoid creating, until the corporate culture reaches that level of critical mass of entitlement, eh?

focussing on people and ignoring the corporate culture factors is where this case is going very wrong.

From my original blog that I lost the password for when Firefox updated:

Worker’s Entitlement v Management Treatment



Does the West Envy the East?



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