A Week in a Day

Today, I set an agoraphobic best – three outings, the first and last with multiple stops.

I am so exhausted, that I can’t really remember what I was going to write.

New Westminster in the morning, Royal Columbia Hospital Book donation drop off to the auxiliary fundraising.

Surrey in the mid-day; government business.

Vancouver in the mid-afternoon, Parents to St Pauls and me to the street to spend time.

There, I sat for almost 20 minutes at the bistro table Main Window on Davie Street at the Baguette & Bistro; Bread n Eurocoffees, petite fours and pastry products – and baguettewiches.

I looked across the street to the Corner Group of shops: The Falafel place beside the Transylvania Bakery was now a fitness store; and the former Fountainhead, corner pub, which had flipped several times was now a Cabaza Eastern Eatery.

The Quebec couple of clerks just looked blankly at me when I mentioned it, not even a gallic shrug.

Transylvanian Traditions: The Bakery Edition

The Impaler vs Blood Countess

Scandieurorussian Old World stuff eh

Maybe our health care system isn’t as great as we like to think it is. How can Canadian health care move to the front of the pack? We need better value for our health care dollars | Toronto Star
We need better value for our health care dollars | Toronto Star
cut 2/3rds of the managers, and 1/3rd support admins, and bring back the cleaners, cooking, and laundry to be in the hospital – and upgrade the machines.

The New Westminster Bistro:

Today, A Kind Act Made Me Cry

How communities respond to terrorism – and overcome fear: As foreign correspondents for the Monitor with more than 40 years’ experience between us, we’ve found that humor, faith, and unity have… http://trib.al/K2hrBpI
How communities respond to terrorism – and overcome fear


see also

Bathrooms and Elevators

My Elevator Story Extended

they hired the tobacco lawyers. sorry, spoiler.
How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science – The New York Times
How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science - The New York Times
Findings- Global Slavery Index 2016

Dear Men

Prove you are humanists and stop with the Bernie Bashing of Hillary Clinton

This could have been the year that American Women got equality

Instead, no one is getting health care or education

Democracy Down, the Supreme Court is broken,

the Fascism Checklist 101 in the Theocracy Textbook

the 47% who did not vote are enablers, not bystanders

but the Democrats who reversed Obama’s gains and gifted the Supreme Court to the Republicans after 8 years of unprecedented obstructionism of actually shutting down the American Federal Government

Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders Ego Also Rans give credibility to the Republican assertion that it is tolerance aka political correctness and not acceptance – coexisting because not bothered by that others exist to, and get to.

America is over, the experiment of the individual as the social unit of consequence has ended in religious zealot conformity.

Germany 1930s, America Now… the 1st world leadership is now in play

Fearful vilification that epitomizes the ignorant, hypocritical, misogynistic, greedy authoritarianism that led to the latest USian slide towards political doom

“It’s possible that her treatment says more about the kind of country we’ve become than why she lost Wisconsin.”

Look on the GOP, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing ethical remains. Round the decay. Of that Orange Wreck, brainless and brazen

Why Do They Hate Her?
Why Do They Hate Her?
Stonewall was a riot, thanks to this amazing 1st stone thrower, at the corrupt cops who took bribes and then raided the venue anyways.
 Netflix acquires transgender activist Martha P. Johnson documentary
Netflix acquires transgender activist Martha P. Johnson documentary
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    You are very sweet. But I am in New York and thank you for the suggestion.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I am Canadian, and in 2017 I cannot in good faith consider The United States of America a safe nation. since 2016, people have been walking through the snow to Canada.
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