Central Surrey City Place Mall

Still think of it as Surrey Place and can’t think Central City, as if travelers won’t know, eh.

Anyway, it was a good outing.

Not in the handicapped, but close enough parking – I can now fairly easily manage my Mom’s walker in and out the back.

We got there around 11, so the stores were open and there were shoppers and not the Mall Walkers.

First stop: Booster Juice for a wheatgrass with pineapple chaser.

My Mom went to the produce store, and I paced in the mostly empty hallway outside.

I saw a cell phone store and I went in, and asked if they had blackberries, the clerk was on the phone, but shook her head no and made a sorry face, while I actually said “sorry” as I backed out of the store and made the hand sign for on the phone , thumb to ear, fingers down, pinkie the mouth piece. only in canada, eh.

back to pacing

Finally at the front of the checkout line, my Mom suddenly went back to the store, leaving her walker to block the customer flow.


I leaned in to pull it out of the way and into the mall, the Clerk looking at me sharply.

“My Mom’s” I smiled, “Blocking customers.”

She smiled back gratefully and let me pull the walker out of the way.


I watched my Mom in the store, unaware and was already laughing when she looked to see her walker missing. Then she looked out and saw me pointing at it.

anyway, round the next corner and I dropped my letter to the lawyer into the mail.

funny how a number 10 with a single page can shift the carried weight

next to Ricky’s for brunch.

I saw a sign in the mall asking people to talk about them on social media


and I have to kinda wonder why


people are so willing to terminate privacy


Image result for surveillance society

quality of data, not quantity matters

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