A Comfortable Outing

After dropping The Niece at the Mall for work, Mom and I got household errand done at a drug store and 2 grocery stores; and brunched at The Prairie Cafe.

huh. turned out to be a shorter post than 4 hours out usually is.

Anyway The To Do List

Completed: Life Labs Memo about accessing health care.

Locate a computer shop to transfer the data to a drive

get a new laptop

Blackberry in April


yeah… sort the 18 inches of paper in the Human rights complaint at therapy tomorrow.

coping with triggers and trauma, in hard copy.

What Makes Us Human And Separates Us from Animals?
What Makes Us Human And Separates Us from Animals?
  • Vlasta Peršič's profile photo
    I was created as human being:)))))
  • georgios katsanakis's profile photo
    the stupid things we do every second
  • Joshua Del Pilar's profile photo
    Higher sentience.
  • Micah McGie's profile photo
    Animals do not have a soul that lives for all eternity, humanity does. This is why animals are not responsible for a vast wealth of knowledge. Mankind has been given knowledge and a conscience to aid in the detection of right and wrong.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    animals don’t overpopulate their niche and destroy the environment
  • 1d
  • Micah McGie's profile photo
    hat’s not true. The animals in the wild often overpopulate, causing a food shortage and many starve to death and are killed by disease. You don’t see it because they are wild and don’t beg for your help, or organize protests.


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    that’s natures annual checks and balance cycle, and doesn’t address the population over it’s lifespan – something which humans have altered with modern medicine.
  • Micah McGie's profile photo
    I suppose if you’re worried about overpopulation that you are super opposed to immigration and refugee programs.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I am for immigration and refugees- in fact anyone outside of africa is one, which has nothing to do with that humans are the worst kind of animal, so what are you talking about?
  • Micah McGie's profile photo

     You seriously can’t figure out what I’m talking about?

    You make a fuss over human overpopulation but turn around and support bringing people in our nation by the thousands that believe in having huge families, don’t use birth control, and you tell me that is not a double standard? If all humanity used such incoherent thought process I’d agree that we are animals.


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I know you are being needless rude, projecting things I never said and monologing at me as if you understand what I said and most bizarrely, as if I was responsible for humanity
  • Micah McGie's profile photo

     “Humans overpopulate “you say. “I’m for immigration ” you say. “Double standard ” I say. “Needless rude” you say.

    Explain how there’s no double standard?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    apparently you are confused that we are having the same conversation, all you are doing is proving that humans are annoying and stupid.
  • Micah McGie's profile photo
    that’s not even close to explaining the double standard you portray.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
  • I am not accountable for your misunderstanding and assumptions, you’ve talked yourself into the corner.
     you’re a Godbot, so that explains you.
    Animals aren’t stupid enough to pay rent to live on the planet, or invent religion to pander to our worse nature.


If I’m wrong about a God to whom we are accountable, I’ve lost nothing, only gained a false peace which in a world of no God still would have substantial value.

If you are wrong about a God to whom we are accountable, You are in big trouble, because you are not prepared to give an account of your life to this God….. I’m certain this does not move you in the least, but there is a day appointed when you will most assuredly wish it had.

Pascal’s Wagner failed to account for all the gods, it’s bad math that he did at the drunk obsolete end of his life.
forget Pascal you need Jesus. His math never failed yet.

irony metre explodes


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