2 of 3 Agoraphobic Outing

I woke up feeling rested for the first time in probably 2 decades. It was just before noon.

After doing my Daily Elvis –

Daily Elvis: March 11


I took my Mom out for a 2 stop hunt n gather.

The Fraser Highway Fruiticana was the first stop. I watched a little girl play in the shelled peanut bin until her Mother told her to stop.

Fruiticana Grocery Stores in BC and Alberta – Surrey

Fruiticana provides quality fresh fruits, vegetables and spices at great prices with 17 locations in BC and Alberta.

I said, “But there’s so many interesting things to touch!”

The Mom laughed and her son and daughter in the 8 to 6 range became shy at the stranger.


We tried going to the No Frills SubChain of Extra Foods or Save ons I forget how the store name nest in the corporation structures, but the parking lot was insane. Mid day on a saturday and pouring rain.


We went to Guildford Mall so I could go to the David’s Tea, one of the several loose tea and tea gadget accessory store, some of which are related to Coffee Store Chains.

We stopped at the Nespresso to get a latte and I talked to the clerk about my machine at home needing replacing, but I didn’t get another.

I did joke with some other clients that Coffee, Cannibus and Chocolate are the best three things on the planet, but their laughs seemed more nervous.


the next Mall stop was the HMV, which I was surprised was still there. So i checked out the limited stock and managed to snag the X Files 6 episode recent season to add my my Complete Series Box set that came with only 1 of the movies. So I added the other movie and now I can the recent 6 episode arc.

David’s Tea

Premium Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, Rooibos tea, White tea, tea accessories and more!

at David’s Tea finally, all the devices were plastic or for traveling with, so I passed on that and spent a while sniffing various teas, tinctures and infusion blends and picked up 4 teas.

Cocao Boost,with Pu’erh tea, chicory root, cocoa and stevia

Imperial Sencha, a Japanese green tea with umani-rich flavour

countess of seville – green tea with orange peel, cornflower and orange & bergamot oil

Lapsan Souchong Star a Smoked Chinese black tea from Fujian Province

The X Files series and 1st movie boxset



TV Review: Ancient X-Files

The X-Files New Season

TV’s X-Files – the truth is out there

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Stopping a Show: Bones

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