Global Issues: Immigration vs Refugees

News Aversion Therapy – Vancouver Sun – it’s Pride Weekend in British Columbia.

I can’t cope with the crowds or the Burb to Core Commute, during an event that draws international tourism and is the biggest parade in BC, now that the PNE/Santa one is long over.

I used to know Chris Morrissey and Bridget when they aligned under the December 9 Coalition – Ontario’s EGALE had a better non-proft structure and DC9 was entirely volunteer.

The span of issues inside the community and outside to the mainstream.

it wasn’t just marriage equality, but then a cascade of all laws that had a definition of spouse also had to be amended. It’s a rather antiquities system that lacks a systemic reboots to ensure active progression and that equality is achieved in law to ensure it becomes the social practice through norming.

storming norming performing

the workshop mantra of Change Management – inside a corporation or a nation, scalability, eh?

When Chris Morrissey learned she couldn’t bring the woman she loved to live with her in the country of her birth, it set her on a decades-long path…

CanCon Pridelets: The December 9 Coalition

Mossop v. Canada (Attorney General), [1993] 1 SCR 554 was the first decision of the Supreme Court of Canada to consider equality rights for gays. The case is also significant as one of Justice L’Heureux-Dube‘s most famous dissents  … Continue reading

December 10 – Happy Legal Fabrication Day

  I was born in Canada in 1968 – a white female. I lost all my civil rights in my 20s when I came out as a lesbian in the 1990s. I was fired from two private sector jobs and … Continue reading

December 6 – In Memorium

Being an Over-experienced community volunteer…

Volunteering for Community groups – Master Class May 2, 2012 she who controls the minutes, controls the organization. she who controls the agenda, controls the minutes she who doesn’t take notes and hijacks the agenda, doesn’t have to  … Continue reading

Applying Statistics to Community Activism: The Importance of Counting

One of my fave sites is Science 2.0, and last night I came across an article about the global stats on Atheism – in the Western World – this word remains a pejorative and few people are willing to so … Continue reading

Stats Can still can’t count?

Background this was from 2003. I wonder what it would say 10 years later? Friday August 2, 2013 in 10 years – 1 document the December 9 Coalition Human Rights complaint so many years ago so many Census reports … Continue reading

Canada Census and Queers

I’ve been going through some old files and I found this letter from 1999 to CBC radio on the issue of The Canada Census including a sexual orientation question. (which they still do not have – we can only identify … Continue reading

Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex

Earlier today,a facebook pal presented me with a comedy challenge. Some male religious guy is calling for women to be mass genitally mutilated or sterilized. Sharia law in Canada, almost A 2004 report recommending that Muslim faith-based tribunals be allowed … Continue reading

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