Translink: Second Level

Dominick, Kelly <>

AttachmentsNov 18 (3 days ago)

to me

Hello Ms. Tryggvason,

Thank you for your reply and request for further clarification on the matter of religious materials being distributed on TransLink property. As Customer Information explained, in 2001, the BC Supreme Court decided that TransLink’s previous policy of restricting the distribution of Political and Religious pamphlets violated the Charter (Churchill v. GVTA) and subsequently we now have to allow them to be present on our property granted that they are following our rules and guidelines. I have attached them for your information.

If they follow our Transit Rules for behavior when they are on the system, then we are required to accommodate them. The next time you see them blocking the path of customers I encourage you to let an attendant (security, transit police) know and they will move them to a more appropriate place.

We hope you find this background to the issue helpful – we appreciate your feedback!

Kindest regards,

Kelly Dominick

A better place to live, built on transportation excellence

to Kelly

Thank you for this additional information,

They are an absolute barrier to me to access the public transit as they cause panic attacks.
my attempts to talk to translink and even RCMP at stations in the past 2 years has been humiliating to me as staff do not even know how to respond to the complaint
so your advice is not sufficient
Political Speech is not the same as Religious Speech, which is, by it’s nature, hate speech of non-members.
Commuters are a captive audience and do not need to be hassled when going about their lawful business
As an agoraphobic, leaving my home is difficult, and any attempt to continue with my day would end with conflict at Translink
I will be proceeding with a BC human rights complaint.
Please provide your address for delivery of service.
Nina Tryggvason
dear blog readers
it’s funny
back in the 1990s when I was the News Editor of Vancouver’s original gay & lesbian newspaper Angles
a guy came in to ask me to write a story about the transit system being homophobic
he’d tried to catch a bus on Granville Street and the driver drove away as he almost got on, and the guy had chased the bus 3 or 4 stops,
the driver toying with him
so he’d walked to Davie and Bute, where the paper office was and the Q-munity Centre still is
and said that the driver was homophobic.
I looked at the guy
Trendy hair, black jacket, plain white t-shirt, jeans and running shoes.
“I agree he was an asshole, but how did he know you’re gay?”
Anyway I remember how in 1994, BC Transit won an award for Best North American Transit system.
which they splashed on all the vehicles.
they scored 4 of 10… when I was in school that was a C-
nothing one got an award for
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