A Decision Path Outing

Yesterday I had a hand spasm or butterfingers moment and experienced a glassware failure.

So, today, I took my Mom to do a produce hunt n gather at a regional grocer chain – Fruiticana.

I was waiting by a display of boxed mangos, enjoying the aroma therapy.

A woman walked up to the display and began to select from boxes into one, in clear violation of the sign posted right next to where she was standing.

I even looked at it and her pointedly, but she was shameless and ignored both me and the store employee, who only had the one eye on that one.

After she finished her box, she cut in line behind my Mom, who was moving up as the customer at till left the store.

They smiled at me and I smiled back and said “Aromatherapy” and enjoyed a deeper sniff of the mango green to ripe and slightly over range of scents.

Anyway, I had guessed that the 420 supply store that I wanted to go to opened at 11 am; so I had quasi planned on brunch at the Prairie Cafe.

Parking over there, there was signage.

The Vape Shop open at 11 am – but the Cafe was closed for another week owing to construction.

The building structure didn’t have anything going on, so that means the cafe is re-decorating after like 60 years.

Anyway, the One Stop Pizza smelled open, but while the ovens were going and staff in the back production room – I smiled through the screen door and a Pizza Gal smiled back.

Getting to the front door – they didn’t open until 11 either.

So. leaving the Vehicle in that parking lot, My Mom and I crossed the driveway, down three steps, I tried to not hover too close but close enough to my Mom with her cane.

We ended up at the Ricky’s, a BC Franchise, where the food is consistently good across, but the service varies widely – and is on the verge of being one that I cease going to at any location.

We went there and today, the service was acceptable. My Mom ordered toast with egg off the menu, while I tried a new dish – a corizo sausage benny on cornbread with cheese sauce. It was a good concept and well put together, but the tastes were jarring and not an order again.

The cornbread was overly honey sweet, the sausage not spicey enough. Decent cube potatoes on the side, but the sauce was in a not at all hollandaise nor really cheese, except for where the slice of it had melted in. The cornbread also disintegrated into crumbs and did not support any sort of complete bite of all the elements. Also, they got the poaching level wrong.

From there, back across the parking lot, up the stairs and to the vape shop, where I was able to replace my broken component and got a back up bowl.

Home again Home again




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