Marriage and Equality in Canada, eh

Before Marriage Equality was in Canada in 2003/04

in the 1990s, there was Egan and Nesbitt, who sued Canada for spousal benefits in retirement

I was a baby dyke when this was happening

Egan V. Canada (F.C.A.) Between James Egan and John Norris Nesbit, Appellants (Plaintiffs), and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, Respondent (Defendant) … on Appeal from a Judgment of the Trial Division Dated Dec. 2nd, 1991 …
Canada's First Gay Activist Climbs Martin Luther King's Mountain
James Egan and John Nesbit were a gay couple that had lived together since 1948. In 1986, when Egan reached 65, he became eligible for Old Age Security and a guaranteed income supplement. When Nesbit reached age 60, he applied for the spousal allowance available to the spouse of a pensioner between the ages of 60 and 65 in cases where the couple’s combined income falls below a certain level. The government denied Nesbit the income supplement, explaining that “spouse” is defined as a member of the opposite sex.

Human Rights a Day - May 25, 1995 - James Egan and John Nesbit
Brian Mossop was a Canada Government Employee

his partner was the publisher of Xtra, Toronto’s queer newspaper, now Canada’s

He won same employee benefits for gays and lesbians as heterosexual employees got – he sued for bereavement leave when his partner’s father died so he could attend the funeral

Brian Mossop won same rights for Federal Government Employees, regardless of sexuality.

Mossop won, not so much the court case,  After his case, the union negotiated and got benefits in the contract for all employees



from my original blog

Public Service and Taxpayers

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