London Drugs Fail

My Dad took me to London Drugs to check out laptops.

I had been in that location 2 weeks ago and asked about Alienware laptops. I was told they didn’t carry them.

This week, they had 2 models on sale. In the store.

Anyway, I was unimpressed with the current laptop standards and did not get anything.

The poor design of the “lap” portion with a deep empty space that will cause people to rest their wrists and get carpal tunnel.

Computer keyboards are not the same as typewriters, and it is really the easy key movement and mouse that caused the carpal tunnel issues. that and bad desk posture.

The lack of disc drive/burner and the few number of ports.

I did notice USB 3.0 and no firewire….

thin client access terminals are not computers, they are consumer toys that are obsolete when they roll off the conveyor belt.


Anyway…it is 2016 and one still has to have a male to buy technology.


back in the 1990s, I had gotten my first modem and software from London Drugs.

4 different male salespeople ignored even direct asking them for help.


the next day, dealing with the lone female sales person, I was actually able to force London Drugs to exchange opened software,

after pointing out the men employees who ignored women customers to chase after men walking through the computers to get to the music and video section of the store.

it turned out that the store knew that the items I picked were not compatible

sales vs customer service, eh.



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