Chocolate vs Carob vs Milk Confection


Carob has a lot of the same nutrition as chocolate… and can be made in many of the same recipes.

Cocoa pod

Cocoa pod


Chocolate ranges from dark to milk and the so called “white chocolate” does not contain any actual chocolate, it is dairy confectionary that is as like chocolate as carob is, but without any of the nutrition, just the fat and sugar.

chocolatefinal linechartimage

The rule of chocolate is quality, not quantity and the joke is that hand crafted is no different than factory made, it’s a matter of production scale and quality of ingredients.


Taste-Wheel-5502 PwWBE62

The Lesson of Chocolate is to learn to love it dark early on and you will be able to more fully enjoy it’s range and taste – plus, almost no one will ask to share yours.

Dark is anything at 65% or above pure and milk is anything in the 25% and mind for fillers like parafin wax and shellacs to make with the shiny and other items that vary the moisture content and alter the mouth feel, beyond the freshness to fat content.  if-you-had-to-choose-between-losing-weight-and-chocolate

Bipetual Pet Pilling

dogs-die-if-they-eat-chocolate chocolate-did-you-say-chocolate_o_1171708

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