Public Service and Public Interest

Kim Davis complains of ‘furious, fist-pounding, homosexual men’ in new book

Every time I see this photo of Ms. Davis it reminds me of Hecate, one of the witches in Macbeth, but even as a powerful witch this woman could never summon up enough words to produce completely coherent sentences never mind a whole book. I am also surprised that 3 men voluntarily married her – one of them twice!
Irritatingly, she refuses to go away and stop forcing us to talk about her again. Perhaps when she loses to David she will slink away into the dead of night , never to be seen again.

hey. hey.

That comparison is insulting to witches.

Fist pounding? now she’s projecting her lesbian fantasies onto gay men?

How many times has this sanctity of marriage woman been divorced?

This woman is nuts. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know what an idiot she is. She wants to make a living with hate, but she says she believes in a loving God. She wouldn’t know true love if it slapped her in the face.
Be done with her, she means nothing to anyone who counts.

as long as she is a government employee, she is a concern to everyone who pays taxes

the religious right (christians) in north America are Soooo much like Extreemist Muslims in the middle east in their way of thinking-a religious extremist is a religious extremist no matter what religion–

Since America is not a Theocracy, a person’s religious beliefs begin and end with themselves. You have NO legal right to bring your religious beliefs to your job and use them against others.


you do know the Supreme Court is broken, and the rule of government has been subverted by the party of the day, who has no moral authority and soon no legal basis to govern?

The UN should have monitored your last election

and citizens flying their flags upside down

that is not a joke, and I am not a lawyer.


One of the proudest achievements of my life was the day I got banned by CNS News. My posts weren’t nearly as offensive as some of the filthy things those loving Christians threw at me, but they banned me anyway.

That tells me I’m doing my job, and at least my old comments weren’t deleted. Let the fundies choke on their outrage!


I know exactly what you mean, but why would we have to do that? It’s not like there’s a shortage of rightwing dimbulbs on this site. 😉


funny how the religious use computers, the actual invisible power that’s real, eh?


I did that and they just deleted my comments. Breitbart cherry pics what they allow on their site, and it’s always pro Republican conservative.


The way to do it lies in , “Don’t get mad, get even.” I play them with a light irony which maybe goes over some heads. But I have also been outright pro gay anti bigot [without calling them names] and my comments stand.


it totally goes over their literal pedantic heads

they are unable to understand irony

no sense of humour is a sign of mental illness

Some are so stunningly angry that they have to spit venom rather than reread and consider what was written.

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