Of Quantum and The Brain

Quantum, in it’s most concrete and clear sense of the word is a Legal Term, it means an average ranges of expectations for settlement, full and final, for damages.

I was not a lawyer, but I was a legal secretary, sorta. I was a one women office staff, reception, secretary, legal secretary, Accounts and Billings and researcher and advertising; back in the late 1990s…then, I worked for 13 years in 7 Federal Departments.

Nina circa 1992 Nina gagged on stress

Dear Denmark and Russia: you can suck it

Social Engineering Specialist Tryggvason5 generations of oldest daughters

Allow me to explain something about Iceland:

Tryggvason Google Me doodle Tryggvason 2012 - 2013

Our Brains are energy expensive, 20% of our intake is brain support, the brain is the organ that automates the operating of the systems and organs that make up the body, attached to the skeleton and enveloped in the skin bags which form our outer.inner largest organ the outer skin, the mouth is a muscle sphincter, so all the connective tubes from throat to the stomach sphincter top, acid wash, bottom then the upper and lower guts, the anal holding bag and out the sphincter that actually matters the most, the anus, which is the sphincter that forms first.

There are certainly a lot of sphincter gags and guffaws, giggles and sniffles in there, about things going in and out of various – and the ends are very much linked in nerve endings and sensitivities.

Nina Power Blazer and Google Eyesmaking a difference

Understanding Micro/Macro, worlds in worlds – most of our body mass is micro flora and fauna in our digestive systems, and a connection between this and mental illness, including addictive and self annihilation behaviours, such as over eating of non-nutritious, high calorie, sugar, salt and fat reward foods that were once rare and are now over available in over processed foodstuffs

Nina and her microscope Nina with Handwashing poster Nina with Plush Microbes

They eat what you eat, so what you eat determines the outcome of the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, as there is bad and good cholesterol. Mood and Food, Eating no longer is a matter of survivor, but social/community, boredom, sublimation and substitution emotional compensating manic, cycles of binge and purge.

History vs Herstory


Nina and Svavar Nina and Sylvia

Nina with her Dad and her Mom in 2013 and with her Dad’s youngest sister Olof in 1987 at Graceland. My Aunt introduced me to Elvis’ records and we went there on a radio contest winning a trip to Memphis, the week before the 10th anniversary of his death.

The Estate transitioned into the Tour Operation in the pre-internet era of Graceland live cam and festival weeks, continuing the Col Tom Parker’s carnival atmosphere of The Elvis Experience/ Specticle  ….Spectacular Spectical …. am I misspelling a word or has the word just dropped out of the language?

1987 me and my Aunt Olof at Graceland

Queers and Governments


Xmas Cover 2 Xmas Cover 1

a decade later, and I got my own coverdyke experience.

Xmas Cover 3 Nina Cover Girl

Government: Census and Censorship


Noises by Nina - DJ NinaNina Tryggvason Not Just Another Snivel Servant

Canada Census and Queers

psyco break Equality Rated E for Everyone

BR: Invisible History of Human Race

Invisible Invisiblity EyesLezzie Bruce paradise

Fantasy to SciFi: Magic.Technology.AlienAbility

Nina is the kingelvis and mom

ponderables…expressing a thought, having someone see and decode it correctly

passing memes

2 travels that leaped bounds

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