Hunt, Gather and Repeat

My Mom and I went out, 2 Grocery stores, the Library and The Post Office, with brunch at The Prairie Cafe.

The Prairie Cafe is on Fraser Highway, since 1949 and is a Classic Canada- Chinese Fusion, from before the modern era of fusion crossovers of using one cuisine’s spices on another dish. Half the menu is breakfasts and burgers and half Chinese from before the 1970s when that meant battered and deep fried.

My Mom had their mushroom omelette and was impressed that they made the shredded hashbrowns edible – a nice crisp rather than the soggy mass everyone else makes them,

I had a farmer’s breakfast, 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage and 2 ham slices. and actually fresh brewed real coffee.

Under $20 including a tip for 2.

Prairie Cafe – 15280 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC – Yellow Pages


At the No Frills Grocery store, a nested company in the Extra Foods/President’s Choice; I interacted with strangers unexpected.

A Father put an item in the grocery cart and his knee-high son shouted “You’re not allowed to buy that!” and pointed to the candified food product. The Dad was taken aback.

I laughed and said “He sounds like me to Her” and I pointed at my Mom while smiling at the boy – startled by Stranger Adult support.

The Father laughed and my Mom didn’t hear me.

She was engrossed in the dairy showcase and a strange woman was explaining to her that she needed the door that Mom’s cart was blocking.

“She’s stone deaf on that side!” I called out, the woman really not knowing another polite way to ask for access.

Mom turned to look at me, then realized that the other woman was even there.

Finally at the front of the store, the left side of the conveyor was being used by another woman customer, and I moved to bag from the right side.

Yet another woman at the next one over, tried to move her cart and said “Seriously, designed by men!”

she made her turn around and docked her cart at the bagging area.

“What was my out loud voice?” she didn’t really ask and laughed.

“Yes,” I replied, “But we validated”  indicting the left side bagging woman who was chuckling.

“I think it’s unfair men claim women wouldn’t invent an atomic bomb, when they didn’t let us have the math classes.”

both of the other women laughed.

“Plus, women are really not keeping up our end of the criminal stats.”


laughing in that it’s funny, but not really, but yeah funny way

made the bagging go faster


then it was off to the library to return a book at the Guildford Rec Centre Library, then the 108th Pharmasave for a post office drop off.


first aid update – wearing wool socks is working, the frostbitten toe is healing and likely won’t leave a mark. an even color dark pink, not even red and no blister-ules.

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