The Military vs Boots on the Ground

Trump and His PR Flack Refuse to Elaborate on Trans Ban

Dear Dems who Clinton Bash and support Sanders

You were and are, part of the problem

Action not words, the USA Supreme Court is broken

and Rule of Government is being ignored

there is a theocratic take over, so stop being enablers

Congressional Dems Blast Trans Military Ban

The DOJ should know better that this is not right

this is in fact, doing rights wrong

the wrongest way in fact

First they came for trans Americans. Who will be next?: Make no mistake – the President’s attacks on trans soldiers and more broadly, LGBT Americans, is no distraction: it’s the persecutory logic of an autocrat
First they came for trans Americans. Who will be next?
First they came for trans Americans. Who will be next?


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ironically, Trump might be the biggest inspiration for others to not discriminate

lest we Forget, eh

“There is the battle of policy and the battle of ideas. Both are long-running, but the latter shapes the former. It is a sign of progress that advancement in the battle of ideas over the humanity of LGBT people has not been lost. And for that, I want to thank President Trump. Sometimes, what you need is an unrepentant bully or some unhinged individual with itchy Twitter thumbs to reveal who will stand with you when danger appears.”
Opinion | Let me thank Trump for his tweets about transgender personnel
Opinion | Let me thank Trump for his tweets about transgender personnel



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    indeed, that the Patriot Family Values Party went with a draft dodging, bankrupt x4 and on Trophy Wife #3 was astonishing, and he had been the least religious
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    I love how people judge us, and then get divorced five times.
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    Alan Turing, ended WW2 and was forced to die, how many of us have to save how many of them, before we’re included in the society that we are part of.
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    then Godbots use computers, which exist because of Turing to spread their bronze age goat herder texts in the Digital Information Age. which has doubled the number of global atheists.



Morning Update: Canadian soldier who died by suicide to be honoured; Tories upset about Rolling Stone cover: Also: Where Canada stands on transgender people serving in the military; the NEB’s duty to consult
Morning Update: Canadian soldier who died by suicide to be honoured; Tories upset about Rolling Stone cover
Morning Update: Canadian soldier who died by suicide to be honoured; Tories upset about Rolling Stone cover


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    What’s happened, is you had one pervert with a big fucking mouth, screaming that everyone else should be perverts too, and love perverts everywhere. And just like Hitler, the sheeple gathered behind him, and rallied around his horseshit.
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    Here’s your problem, and it’s not me. It’s your unquestioning acceptance of forced uniformity and compliance to shit that you simply never agreed with.

    In a school, ONE student was allergic to peanuts. His mother cried and screamed to the school board about other kids eating penut butter sandwiches, when her kid couldn’t eat any. So, in common stupidity, the school board outlawed peanutbutter sandwiches to ALL the students, rather than just having the one kid adjust to normal society.

    Well, here you go again, same mass problem, with only one complainer.

    Because of HIS efforts, laws can be put in place where ALL men have to have their dicks chopped off, to conform to his abnormality, and the natural urges of a heterosexual male being attracted to a female, considered a politically incorrect deviant crime.

    When you allow that bullshit to happen, I definitely will NOT comply, nor will miriads of other heterosexuals.

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    Largely a bunch of insane comments here. Trudeau Haters Anonymous meeting to see who can invent the most egregious slur.
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    Maybe you ARE an alien. Maybe you should get a knife, and try to peel the upper layer of your skin off, to see what’s underneath it.
  • 1h
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    Another thing, if we’re discussing actual survival of humanity, know that homosexuality is a dead end to humanity.
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    Should gay and sterile people be candidates for interstellar travel?

    It’s obvious that the entire reason to travel to other planets is to populate them.

    It’s not homophobic to make logical sense, and send heterosexual males and females to propagate the species.

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    for a guy who says to mind one’s own business, he is certainly overly concerned about other people’s… more US Senators have been arrested in bathroom sex crimes than transpeople, and hetero males are the crime leaderboard across the demographics and the crime categories. so no need to be so insecure, except that it is a sign of self loathing, projected onto others.


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6 Responses to The Military vs Boots on the Ground

  1. I see that loads of ex senior officers have sent him a letter of support over the trans decision. Obviously their huge pensions are not sufficient, they’re looking for a top job to boost their income!

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