Face it – Facebook was never social

Facebook was created to let college students hook up; and then it became a platform to deliver eyeballs on ads and provided gamer grinder games that force you to make “friends” with strangers – rendering your news feed meaningless for a contact way to stay connected with people you are allegedly actually friends with.

I am now in, I think, day 3 of a Post-Facebook internet.

RIP Facebook 2007-2015 – you stole my intellectual property content too, eh?

Early days, anyways.

Basically Facebook wants users that consume content, rather than provide content. That’s fine with me, I am unsure why I ever went on it to start with.

Something that I really struggled with on Facebook was not only to different ways that English is spoken vs the apparent commonality of written linguists.

Acronyms have become words in and of themselves and without a context, they have no meaning.

I think beyond Nathan Poe’s observation that Genuine Extremism is no longer distinguishable from parody of it; words cannot be trusted to have a common meaning and how you do tell an acronym from words when spelling and word fluency vary so widely.

Honestly, I am still gobsmacked by a comment from 2 years ago, when someone said “Just because you use big words, doesn’t mean you are saying more.”

Dude. Yes. It absolutely does mean I am. More nuance and more concepts packed into a message that you lack the skill to decode. So you unpack the smallest and least and most obvious and think that that is all that there is, when THAT is what the commentary subject is, not the point or observation.

IMHO  – “in my honest opinion” or “in my humble opinion” ?

isn’t humble opinion the dumbest expression ever?

if you’re humble, you’re not likely to share opinions

does being humble make it a better opinion than an expert or informed opinion?

or does it being humble signify that everything after that expression can be safely ignored?

isn’t honest opinion dumb too – you can’t offer someone else’s or do you mean you are going brutal and that is the padding phrase?

That’s the old school way. The new way is to say

“As an <label>, represent a larger viewpoint; thus my marginalize status provided credibility for ‘x,y,and z’.”

Of course, where you do that matters – in workshops, lectures and some group discussions where peoples are trying to come to a consensus.

Mind you, I had the most fun ever in August 2011 on the Alaska cruise in the skeptic conference with 200 people and Michael Shermer on stage and saying:

“As a Canadian, I am horrified that even in this private room with 200 known skeptics and pro science people, not one of you will plainly say “Religion Prevents Progress”. ”

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