Raw Recovery Specialist: Inner and Outer Voices

N95 masks

Kath Walker on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kath_walker_esq/status/423905025367093249/photo/1


I just commented on facebook and when I read it over. I realize that I misspell words because I am slurring in my head.


I type what I think.. too many years of legal dictatyping, writing screenplays and novels and a large number of data analysis and reports.


A good thing actually, since I am actually doing my own facilitated conversation from a state of deep shock.


Yay for Stimuli and Response


nervousness, dyslexia, stuttering and slurring



sometimes I combine words, or use the wrong one or slur/blur them into some typo



more often than not


is actually funnier or more on point






it’s the indecisiveness

stemming from detachment





professional detachment

writer/outside observer



I have always fought against my introverted nature to be an extrovert


I have become the introvert I have always feared being



but the internet makes it a lot easier to be agoraphobic and socially disordered


as long as you are polite, no one notices you much




in terms of using a mask to avoid illness


N95 is the mask to get


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