What’s New in the Civil Service?

The Translation Bureau has developed a translation software so the public service can confidentially try to work in both languages….. 

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Online translator helps federal workers ‘do their job,’ say defenders

But the union that represents workers who will be using the tool told CBC News on Wednesday that the quality of translation is not good enough, putting the reputation of the Translation Bureau at risk.

For example, the tool translated its French title, “nouvel outil de traduction automatique,” to “the new tool machine translation.”

It also translated the idiomatic phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs,” to “La pluie, les chats et les chiens.”

clanChristine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to menThe trials of LEnny Bruce

Liberals to repeal Tory changes to public servant sick leave — at a cost of $900M

Scott Brison, treasury board president, won’t take ‘potshots’ at public service

Nina the SkepticHot money and the politics of debt

Heartbleed bug left Public Safety officials scrambling, emails

Newly released documents show senior officials in the federal Public Safety Department were taken by surprise by the so-called Heartbleed computer bug.

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CRA unsure what taxpayer info it shared with CSIS

The Security Intelligence Review Committee, the watchdog that keeps an eye on CSIS, …
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CSIS ordered to produce records in terror plot trial – British …


Jan 13, 2016 – A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ordered CSIS to produce records provided to the spy agency in relation to a couple who plotted to bomb the …

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‘It erodes your spirit’: Hammonds Plains woman alleges …


Jun 2, 2015 – The lawsuit is currently before B.C. Supreme Court and has not yet … who have come forward in a class action lawsuit against the RCMP for …

Nina and Alexander

Inside the RCMP’s biggest crisis – Maclean’s

Feb 27, 2015 – The role of RCMP spokesperson in B.C. is a big one. … an Ontario lawyer will seek to certify a class action lawsuit against the RCMP on behalf  …

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Sex scandal rocks military – Canada News – Castanet.net


Jul 28, 2015 – A high-ranking Canadian Forces officer faces serious, sex-related charges involving allegations that stem from the mentoring of military cadets.

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