The Domestication Process: Symbiotic or Parasitic?


Hunter helpers – not just cute when begging for scraps, not just helpful to warn approaching intruders – but hella useful to bag that big game with or to fetch the smaller game. Good Doggie!

Dogs respond to human facial expressions in a way that they do not relate to other facial and body language with other dogs. Dogs will make eye contact while homo sapiens no longer do, eh?


with human activity comes midden. garbage heaps and that means mice and rats and lots of vermin-y goodness if you are fleas or cats.

We didn’t domesticate cats as much as they decided to tolerate us.

400px-Feral_Cats cat-breed-routes fishing

Dogs and Cats are companionable animals to some and dishes to others.

column_horse_and_cow goat-and-sheep-friends HK_Central_結志街_Gage_Street_market_雞蛋_Chicken_n_鴨蛋_Duck_Eggs_on_sale_March-2012

I know there’s a turkey duck chicken threesome vs a camel-cow-sheep one, eh?

the menu and our relationship with other things in nature

are geographically dependant

ditto culture and beliefs

thought for food

food for thought

either way

it’s a good enough thing, eh!

suffering, out of sight and often out of mind

climate index

see also:

agriculture, food practices, food safety

the russian fox experiement – shows just how fast domestication happens

for decades anything to do with genetics was suspect thanks to the Eugenics movement who used sciencey language to frame their bigotry.

In Russia, the people running this Fox experiment had to hide under deep cover and still access some funding by well. .academic writing is not about clarity, it’s about publishing, right?

the persecution people chose to face, eh?

motive motive motive

something that was oddly absent in college classes about ethics and morals, which were more focussed on outcome and or group benefit ratio rationalized – and comparing lists or rules or being a freethinker.

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