Why Guns are not a solution

“No, Stop! Please!”: Cop Empties Pistol into Car, Reloads as Teen Begs for Life, Opens Fire Again
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    so only the target changes // May 23, 1934 In Bienville Parish, Louisiana, bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were ambushed and killed in their stolen Ford V8 Deluxe by six Texas Rangers shooting a combined total of nearly 130 rounds.


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    1 “possibly stolen” car 1 human life.

    These kids weren’t going anywhere if he had used his car to block them in…he had back-up right behind him…I have seen high-speed chases end with a “felony stop” where not a single bullet is fired.

    Dude, firing 21 bullets into kids won’t make your testosterone-shrunken dick and balls grow any bigger.

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    When are we going to admit that we have a problem with police in this country shooting people? all lives matter
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    All cops aren’t incompetent or killers.
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    +Phil Rounds so their excuse for the ones who are is?
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    That’s not the point. The point is there are good and bad in every profession. In every race and in every nationality. You don’t condemn the good as well as the bad in any of those.
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    I don’t care at this point, I paint all cops the same. Fuck’em!!!!
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    +Phil Rounds so the excuse for the bad ones remaining in the workplace is, if there are in fact “good ones”?
  • dykewriter.wordpress.com – The RCMP Apology
    The RCMP Apology
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    you are in fact, avoiding the point to dilute the blame and end responsibility.
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    I am, in fact, defending innocent people.
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    +Phil Rounds you are inventing those, there are no good persons that stand by and allow the bad ones to operate as they do – bystanders and enablers are not good people and they are why the bad ones get away with what they do



  •  when you defend authority, you are on the wrong side, btw
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    When you accuse the innocent, you’re no better than the wrong side.
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    +Phil Rounds that is emotional black white faulty logic that is emotionally driven by your need for the “good cop” in a department of bad ones. Not to mention the emotional value language like the word “innocent”, which police professions do not have any claim to having, given the conditions of the workplace; nor do they get to claim fear as a defense for over-killing people. afraid to deal with the job makes them unqualified and creates a liability risk for the police force.
    innocent is not a valid word in this context. You are not listening which is why you are part of the problem. There are wrong doers and there are enablers and there are victims.
  • this is about the police and the workplace culture, keep your comments to the topic.
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    The topic is police violence.
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    The topic is police culture and entitlement; given the number of police corruption scandals, which include becoming the biggest drug dealing gangs in many major cities in the USA and Canada; not to mention sex harassment in the workplace; you do not demonstrate any understanding of community policing issues and systemic abuses that are underlying causes and factors leading to these violence situations where police are failing to understand that they are not judge/jury/executioner and there is no being above the law, the thin blue line is not a defense, and, as long as it is, there are only bad cops and their worst management.

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All that means exactly zilch if you’re condemning good people along with bad. It’s just faulty rhetoric.
…and calling for violence against cops…of anyone else is immoral.



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    All of that is just faulty rhetoric if you’re condemning good people along with bad. Calling for violence against cops or anyone else is immoral.
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    +Phil Rounds you just keep repeating the same words over, they have no meaning and you are not able to understand any of the complexity. You are part of the problem of why the police get away with it all.



good thing there were not a bunch of “good guy” ammosexuals
butterfingers mighta caused a bloodbath
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