Agoraphobic Outings, Past, Present and Future

July 4

At a strip mall, my Mom went into the Produce Store and I went into the Pizza Shop for a slice. They had just opened and the pizzas were a few minutes from being out of the oven.

“I’ll be back” I said, without Doing Arnie (The Terminator, pop culture reference).

I left and I did return – to the clerk’s surprise – and they were taste, fresh from that oven, not sitting or stuffed into a cardboard box.

July 5

A short hunt n gather at the Chain Grocery Store.Uneventful

July 6

Back to that same store.

In the ice cream aisle, I joked with my Mom about the cheap half dipped in chocolate ice cream as being climate change and the cost of cocoa beans.

A woman with 2 young boys laughed when I said I feared a world without coffee and chocolate.

“We’re doomed,” I said, continuing talking to my Mom but looking at the young mother with her 2 children. bigger than toddlers but not yet tweens.

“We passed the carbon tipping point.”

She smiled, but now, she wasn’t so sure I was funny, and I wasn’t.

I smiled and headed off down the aisle after my Mom and she the other way with her 2 in tow.

At the checkout:

“Did you want the deal of the week item” she intoned and waved her hand.

“No, and I am sorry that you have to do that.”

She looked at me for a long moment and then said “Thank you.”

Cashier is a different skill than sales.


Outside the store, there was another young mother with a group of 4 boys in that same span, just out and almost in.

Her sari was so stunning that she caught me staring and there was a hesitation to meet my gaze that her 4 sons did not notice.

“I am sorry for staring, but your sari is so beautiful, a double rainbow.”

The shawl was all the colours in three hues gradient, the top 3 repeated and the bottoms 4, with elegant stitching.

She laughed in delight and we chatted as we walked to the parking lot.

She explained she loved colours and had to wear black and white at work.

“And we’re not penguins,” I replied.


then home


but tomorrow

tomorrow I am going to Richmond BC


to meet a relative visiting from Iceland

my Great-Uncle,

so.. it is going to be out of the house for over my 5 hour tolerance


in the one city I fear physically in BC owing to it being a river sand bar in a bowl, like New Orleans, is under sea level

but it’s still less scary than Vancouver.

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