Agoraphobic Outing Exceeded

I planning to take my Mom shopping this morning, which i did.

I was also able to get my flu shot 2016, now that pharmacists can give shots and most of them occur within grocery stores.

I even joked with the Pharmacist, as she soft grilled me about my history of using their pharmacy – she said “You don’t look familiar, do you come here often?”

“Are you flirting with me?” I dead panned, then I started laughing and said “joke”

before she could respond, so she got a pleasant chuckle at being joked with

In the store, the experience was pleasant and I ended up interacting with a higher than usual number of people.

Eye contact and smiles mostly.

Grocery item information exchanged with 2 other customers in different aisles

but at the bagging area, I was standing with my elbow out, hands on hips and I felt a soft bump.

Glancing down at my feet, I realized my arm was into the next customer zone

The other woman was taller than me and slender and younger Millennial Gen

she turned back to look at me and we both said sorry at the same time,

sooo Candian, eh.. true story too. some things define a culture, generation after each

I said sorry again and then blamed my posture as being over the line, but that we didn’t need to have a fight, after all, no one was holding a phone recording everything for steaming

we were both laughing even as I got the words out

we continued chatting as we both bagged and she headed off

I turned to finish my bagging and realized that the customer bagging to my left had be listening in

She was older than me, so I continued joking that I blamed The Simpsons and Underachiever Pride

It’s one of those Boomer to Gen X Pop Culture divisions, Before Simpsons and After Simpsons.. Reverential to Referential and sarcasm went sideways

She stiffened at this and said “MY brother grew up on that show and he’s fine.”

I could feel the W on my fingers and resisted forming the letter or saying it. (W for Whatever)

After all, one cannot extrapolate from one data point a nuance of analysis lost on average people.

And I knew that all of mine were beyond her grasp so…

I said: “You know that 1960s humorist Peg Bracken? She wrote the “I hate to cook book.” She worked in advertising with Homer Groening, Matt’s Father.”

She took her groceries away and was really unsure of how to respond.

I finished bagging for my Mom and then, she checked the reciept before we left the store, and finding a few errors, we moved to the Customer Service line.

I paced while waiting for my Mom and did some leg stretches against the new inside the store fencing they have.

I gasped when I saw a woman, and I heard myself saying “Gorgeous, your outfit, looks stunning.”

“Thank you” she smiled over her shoulder as she continued walking, the fabric of her long green tunic and black pants flowing, an embroidery of flowers on the shoulder wrap.

it is shockingly easy to make someone’s day. “that looks great on you”, “that color works on you”.. anyway.

more pacing, it was my Mom’s turn in line now. pace, stretch -pace.

a small boy ran through, evading the corral system and his young Dad came in after calling for the boy to wait for nana.

The Dad looked at the fence and the gate system and said “wow, this is almost jail.”

Nana and the Young Mom seeming disturbed or scandalized at the word jail uttered jokingly in public – I noticed then that they were indigenous

I looked right at that young man and said, “you’re right, they have made it almost that.”

then everyone chuckled at his joke


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