A Low Key Day Routine of Norming

Today it was just a quick mall walk and a quick shop stop.

New Amazon ad features gay couple getting ready for their wedding

so it’s the 1990s all over again, we’ve been rediscovered as a market niche?

it’s not progress, it’s repeating what’s been done before


It’s still well done and cute 🙂


also, in more than just white is what I think is fantastic; that is new since the 1990s and a overdue welcome social change

the diversity within the community, from the open to the down low

it is funny to me all those posters claiming some gay/bisexual/lesbian era of getting along if only those trans didn’t ruin things now.

they really don’t understand when even L and G were very discreet and distinctly separate, and could not and in some quarters still do not find common ground

the more of us that could be out, invites others to join

too long the faces of LGBTQ to the mainstream have been pale ones

the shamefaced right not straight enough and not politically correct to fuck

the outragefaced left never victim enough and too tedious to, eh?

at this point in LGBTQ I am okay with kinky heteros being the fringe group buffer

the lgbt need to get our collective shit together across more generations of us and

it is no wonder to me that there’s people who did not want any gender at all.

Bi’s and Gals


I never saw ads like this in the 90’s. This is a good thing; we need all the good things we can get during a bad time.


it started in Australia with car ads.

then, the big corporations began advertising in queer publications, magazines and newspapers such as The Advocate and the Washington Blade in the USA and in Canada Xtra in Toronto accepted these ads, while the Vancouver paper, Angles did not, so disappeared.

then a few tv commercials – KMart had a queer couple before that chain later disappeared in the Walmarting of Department Chains.

Queer Nation, Act Up and The Lesbian Avengers prevented Radio’s Dr Laura from getting her tv show.

kd lang came out, then Melissa Etheridge, then Ellen

the 1990s was when lesbians had their 15 minutes peaking with the Vanity Fair kd lang and Cindy Crawford cover in the barbershop chair.

how old were you in the 1990s and where did you live?

Heterosexism and Homophobia


What is your complaint, precisely?


why do you ask such a pedantic question?

if you don’t understand the post, you are free to ignore it.

don’t act like a sock puppet and you won’t be treated like a troll.

Is Parkland survivor David Hogg about to get Laura Ingraham taken off the air?

This is a beautiful story! I just love the fact that these young people are taking responsibility for the future of our country and for the safety of generations to come.
We, the so called “adults” have failed utterly in doing so.
The hope and commitment behind the 1960’s and that generation has turned its back on America. And I just hope if we all put selfishness behind us, we can join these young heroes to bring the change to truly bring America back to safety, security and sanity.
The republicans have got to go!


I wonder if the republicans are realizing they have created a generation of anyone but republican voters

Unless Trump nukes the world that is. the republicans seem okay with their way or no way.

Lest We Forget.


It is their selfish inhumanity that I just don’t get. How can anyone support that?


well, we all start out as psychopaths
utterly self centred as to only literally scream

and by the time babies reach
by 5, deception is understood
along with having a sense of others and place

and by aged 6 personality is fully formed.

in the family hierarchy and the family in their society

many, never leave that initial baby blank state of development.

few psychopaths are violent, most become CEOs

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