Shoppers Drug Mart sucks

Their pharmacy  can’t be consistent in no using the child proof caps that only kids can open.


Today, when I picked up my order I said – those are the wrong colour.

The guy clerk, he said it was his first day.

I said “Are those the generic or the brand name.”

he went to the computer, and came back and said it was the brand.


“so you are telling me I got generic before?”

he stood there staring at me and repeated his first day


when I got home, I noticed they failed to put the warning label about dairy and multivitams and iron on the bottle.

then, I saw it was the wrong dose.



so I called and had to wait to get a manager of pharmacy on the phone.


when I got her, I told her it was the wrong dose and she put me on hold


while on hold to bad muzak, three different people picked up the line


no you can’t I am waiting for the pharmacy manager


when she came back to the phone, she was in full cold boss  voice


and said it was not their error the doctor changed it


and them blamed me for not knowing that


I said the doctor didn’t have the lab work to change the med


and in any case, I had made an issue of the wrong pill


and it’s not on the customer but the clerk to resolve these issues

I was not using a pleasant tone and I lost it when the manager made it about


they followed proceedure


I told her not to go there and soon it was out of control

I ended the call with a loud “not ever shopping at your store, you are fucking rude.”


Image result for telephone slam meme

London Drugs sucks worse

the Save ons is a fucking joke

Pharmacists are not doctors, they are a drug store run out of a general crap store

they do not provide a clinical environment


but harsh glaring lights and tile on concrete floors

overwhelming cosmetics and perfumes

clashing colours and advertising everywhere

selling actual medicines alongside woo complimentary that is the alternatives to medicine

now Shoppers wants to add marijuna and they really have no idea how to deal with medical treatments

Interestingly, pharmacies also gave rise to truth in advertising laws. the product must do what it says it can do.

Image result

patients are not customers

and while marijuna is good for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety

it’s main benefit is that it reduces the side effects of pharmaceuticals;

but it does have pain efficacy that is physical and not limited to mental

cannabis has been medicine to many human cultures

but it is not cure all, end all or be all, nothing is

The Industrial Revolution was not just in factories, but in chemistry

early medicines were distillations and concentrations of plants and fungus

purified into their chemical components, with most of the material shifted out

the age of addiction began when human made alcohol and then improved on the drugs in nature.

Four lessons for investors, Canada’s hottest stock cools, and why pot is dangerous for investors: A roundup of investment ideas for active investors
Four lessons for investors, Canada’s hottest stock cools, and why pot is dangerous for investors
Four lessons for investors, Canada's hottest stock cools, and why pot is dangerous for investors
  • Suzanne Catty's profile photo
    Why care about the investors? Why not care about the millions of Canadians who are no longer criminals for using pot and the millions who now have much wider access to the medical benefits. People before profit G&M.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    time for business to care about 1. workers and 2. customers
    because investors are problem about why pay is low and costs are high.
    pun intended.



  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    the human problem is we’re beyond pride n packs, leapt herds and turned swarm… so big there’s actually a psycho/socio path demographic.
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