Medicine vs Alternatives to

Medicine is a mean by which, people get care and are returned to their life.

Quackery is the means by which, people get continuous attention but are given placebos with no or very little medical value. Often contraindicated and at best delays treatment and at worst, the person dies.

Which is one thing when it’s an adult, such as Steve Jobs, who chose to not have medical care he could have afforded and died from a treatable condition that was left untreated. Shows what belief does for one.

When it is children – there is a public interest. From Faith Healing to Alternatives to Medicine – the Government and society has an interest in how children are raised because they are supposed to be being raised to be in society.

While Canada has fewer prayer oriented people than the USA, even they are begining to criminally investigate and charge people who allow their children to die.

In Canada, there has been issues with the Jehovah Witness and their blood transfusion aversion, and also naturopathic.

This is another massive harm of religion, to impair people’s thinking and understanding – undermining scientific literacy, and wasting health care dollars.

Naturopath in Alberta toddler’s meningitis death trial under investigation after complaint letter


Religion is not excuse under the law and why people need freedom from religion more than ever.

governments have been scared to deal with Closed Mormon Communities that evade taxes and are trafficking girls across the Canada-USA border in a doomed attempt to expand their gene pool.

There’s been a clear pattern of the USA and Canada to deal with religion in the way that is immediately the most harm and resulting in further ghettoizing and paranoid.

Jim Jones and the people’s temple remain relevant and shows what is at stake.

religion control or government regulation.

History shows that religion is the far worse option to government.


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