Raw Recovery Specialist: An Agoraphobic Best

Today, I was out of the house for the longest length of time, from noon-thirty to 8:00 PM or 20:00ish .

I was in the hated City of Vancouver for the entire time and managed to visit my Dad twice at St Paul’s Hospital, the most terrifying location in the city and not just because it’s an 1800 brick and mortar building that does not withstand serious earthquakes – why are they still stuck in that building is freaking beyond me.

so. while this is a new record of being out of house 7.5 hours, my comfort zone remains 5 hours, and it shrinks and expands with # of stops or site locations or events attended.

anywhy, I hurt everywhere, my head is throbbing and I cannot look into the laptop light.

laters internet

I will be back tomorrow dear readers đŸ˜‰


Francis Farmer the movie poster  220px-PersonalBest1982Nuts_film

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