RainbowWatch: Ireland proves Green is Gold

Ireland is the first nation who voted to have marriage equality; instead of having the government being forced to by the courts.

Good on You Ireland, eh! and the most catholic part o the british isles too


In the 1990s, it seemed like Hawaii, the former Monarchy become USA State, would have been the first.

After all the idea of “two spirited” folks is an ingenious phrase in Canada – but the concept is a tribal society level one. When you only have a smallish group, you need everyone.

One of the anthropological ideas I remember reading about was the the hunters hunted, the gatherers gathered – and those of us who could innovate or decorate became the technology innovators.

Connected to the land and seeing the patterns of the season – to the non-mathematical minds, correlation is causation and that gave rise to superstitions and the eventual sacrfice of their best – their youngest and prettiest to best please the deities and powerful ones who gave us this bounty, eh?

The idea that weather is caused by one’s genitals … honestly I cannot think of a more arrogant thought.

Nothing like a little rainbow power to boost an historic vote on same-sex marriage. As Ireland headed to the polls to vote on legalizing gay… huffingtonpost.ca

As much as the universe feels like  massive dick joke. Big Bang. Computers have master/slave drives so seriously.

Jurrasic Park got one thing right: men fear lesbians.

oh right and the one for the general public: nature will find a way.

and being a hypocrite and crying when caught is how bullies keep the conversation centred on their selves

Right. Hawaii. hawaii didn’t do it. Canada and Spain had a race to make it marriage after the UK copped out and did civil union.

You know how when people ask which is worse “Cracker” or “The N-word”  like if you can’t even say it or spell it you already know it is not okay for you to say it.

If Marriage and Civil Union were the same thing, then Marriage is just a word and it shouldn’t matter then right?

Civil Union creates a contractual legal relationship – it does not create the KINSHIP that family does

and the difference is about 1000 legal rights and obligations, stemming from the contracted state of marriage, divorce, heredity and basically ownership of proptery and offspring.

All the Major Voting nations have marriage equality and universal health care – because there is no happiness possible or pursuit of same,without health.

And the pursuit of happiness is the ability to take liberties with what makes you happy, insofar as it does not deprive others of theirs.

Attention Christians in America – you have never been fed to the lions in America. You have been doing the feeding.

You missed the Memo: Jesus was to be the last human sacrificed.

Stop Bullying those of us who do not conform and are not compelled or convinced by your hysterics and historical inaccuracies.

Just think for a minute and wonder why so many of us suicide rather than be in a world with you.

Being emotionally intelligent is about understanding your impact on others.

because that is where redeemption is. not getting backed up by your bully breathren.

Nun Votes Yes in Ireland

A couple decades ago, on a peer to peer writers site – Zoetrope

there was a guy who wrote a script I forget the names

the story was about a guy who meets a woman who was raped and becomes the first nice guy she trusts

because he had raped some other woman

and this guy had asked several women what we thought of the story

adn we all told him. rapist is an asshole and he has not gained redemption, but has betrayed two women

but you know, he was the writer and he knew better what the audience wanted

what did 5 women who just thought there were writers knew?

4 women and 1 lesbian. but he didn’t know that.

No Doubt

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