Sensability and Perception

Behavior -> social context <- Response of Others

Being aware of your impact on other people

Other people being aware of their impact on you

is truth really what a third party sees?

or what each of the first two separately experience

the mob of many vs the one

Socially Disordered in Public

“How are you?” “How’re You Today?” I would like to banish the meaningless noise inanely intoned as a salutation and not a question. I am not used to it being said in face to face interactions, usually it was something … Continue reading

Navigating Designed Spaces

Sense and Sensitivity. Our Perceptual awareness of space and elements as someone experiencing said space vs the professionals who design spaces for arousing and evoking responses. Number and inventory and databases Oh My – Material Management and Lifecycle Management – … Continue reading

Social Media: Getting it both ways

I was just reading an article on the BBC news site about the social media competition of “More Aware than Thou”   In April, 2015, there was a massacre at a Kenya University and 147 people were killed. I remember … Continue reading


Humans: Computational Variable Operators

Typewriters were fixed font. You tabbed in each paragraph (5 spacebars) and put two spaces after every period. This way, people knew what the paragraph looked like. If you wanted bold, you backed up and double struck the key. by … Continue reading


Social Integration –

Individual Experience Varies Wildly

assimilation, identity and tolerance I stumbled on another blog that I ended up commenting on. And wanted to bring my part of the discussion here. The topic was balancing living a lesbian life in a mainstream world and not forgetting your … Continue reading



How Individuals bring social change

From my current experience within an existential existentialist crisis (what meaning can a life of meaning have when societies are not durable and civilizations rise and fall); I have come to understand that there are absolute truths. They are beautiful … Continue reading

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