A Canada Outing Part 2

Yesterday, I drove my Mom on a trip series that started with returning 2 plastic farmer produce flats to the Blueberry Farm, where there was not a monetary deposit.

The Family Daughter was pleasantly surprised and amused.

The chore part done, we then returned to the ICBC Driver License Centre to make an appointment for my disabled elderly aunt to get a renewal on her photo ID.

Because ICBC Service Offices does not accept phone calls at all and my Mom does not use the internet for general booking at your nearest one; and as it turned out, explained at the office at the counter by an employee – the appointments are only for the “enhanced ID” not the regular issue, which, as a blind person who does not travel, is all she needs.

This was a complete systemic circle jerk and my Mom got upset at the clerk, and explained the “she’s blind and my Mom is disabled” – She uses a cane and  the “I’m her daughter who drives her”; which ends where the family drama portion of the story ends, and my privacy at not also being revealed as disabled – because I appear normal.

And, at that point, the Counter Employee then said – “just bring her to the counter and we will just do her ID”

– and the issue of line jumping, and fairness to all the others who were waiting?

A Most Canadian of Outings

We were assured an exception would be made, and I asked “But what if You are not here?”

So, she hand wrote a memo, a permission slip to bypass the take a number first in first out; spanning a range of possible appointment types.

Thus, off we went to the Canadian Superstore to get the on sale vitamins that arrived that morning, but had not been unpacked – and that location had sold out later that day, so there was none for the second day of the sale on the product.

My Mom complained to the Pharmacy Area Stocking Employee, who complained about head office doing the ordering and not listening to the employees and had actually said “I beg you to complain.”

This was then repeated at the Customer Service counter at the store; where, that Customer Service Employee wrote on the flyer rather than issue a store rain cheque for the item. Which I also questioned, and was assured that the signature on the flyer was the guarantee.

We went home.

My Mom called the corporate head office and she made her complaint about the product availability and mentioned the store and the ordering issue.

That Corporate Head Office person took the complaint and I asked my Mom to hand me the phone.

I complained that their store employees were making corporate workplace culture issues into customer complaints.

I also mentioned that I had advised a number of employees across differing levels of employement about a building HVAC problem with the air and pipes needing rebalanced as being a health hazard to people like me who are customers – which sounds triggered migraines – and for their employees – hearing loss at the high squealing sounds over time.

That, our day had been taken over by their corporate issues of employees not being heard by local management or them by head office.

I was not able to read my Mom’s facial expression, so I apologized if my tone of voice was at all miss, and she was struggling to write down what I had said, from the concrete what was said and seen in the store, to the bigger issues normally done for consultant contract fees.

I was not used to saying that much of scope and magnitude and handed the phone back to my Mom – who then – went through the time period with the Corporate Head Office employee.


So.. yay us for striking a blow for worker rights and human dignity.

This Post is a Test of Law In Canada

but, then, I got a letter from the Federal Human Rights Commission.

so I was not able to blog yesterday.

Today, I Paid for Registered Post


Marriage and Equality in Canada, eh

Today I used the Canada Marriage Equality Stamp


Again with the O Canada

Save Canada Post

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