1st Vancouver Trip in 2017

My Mom went with me to Vancouver.

The snow was rare flake clusters, then clear on the Highway.

I will not drive over the Patullo Bridge. New Westminster needs to get a reality check, it is a dangerous bridge at risk of collapse.

I am appalled that the Port Mann was taken down and not left as the truck bridge with the new bridge that is illegally tolling the TransCanada Highway.

Christy Clarke vs the GVRD Bridges

In fact, this is something the Feds need to Talk to Province, since that highway is part of the freedom of movement across our nation from coast to coast from the pole to the 49th.

The railroad brought British Columbia into Canada – in this our 150th year

something to remember, in Canada, we do not have to show our papers on demand or pay to move across this and the native’s land.

Anyway, into Vancouver, the downtown was dry.

More snow on the east side than the west, as per social economic status usual.

I got a fairly okay to get out of dodge parking spot, but left my Mom at the Davie Street Subway and headed to the Dispensary.

I rankled at the naturopathic clinic, having zero science cred but is a Yuppie thing to pay lots for crap that does only jack and shit. That’s at best if it’s not contra-indicated.

Anyway, successful dispensary run.

As I stepped from the welcoming community dispensary, now serving recreational users – well integrated with the medical patients and not a drug gang front business;

the snow was falling in the kinda of snow clusters that is not sticking yet, but will in an hour of that pace.

Annoying Allies vs Bridge Building

My Mom had a sandwich at the Subway, where I do not really care to eat at, being everywhere are a choice C; but it meant there was no point to surprise suggest the Chong Quing.

And, we had a Safeway stop to make in Surrey.

With the flakes threatening to became serious, we quickly got out of the Downtown Core and off the viaduct to Clark and 12th for the HOV on-ramp.

We outran the flakes by Grandview Highway and clear sailed the freeway until after the Gaglardi Exit (so named for the former BC MP Flying Phil Gaglardi who’s family build Sandman Inn Hotels, just before the freeways of the province were built and look – at every exit already eh!)

Vancouver and whiney NIMBYs anyway, a surgical strike at the safeway, getting all the on sale starting today for three days and midway on the first day, there was still the stuff in stock.

Today was the first time I drove to Vancouver and didn’t have a panic or anxiety attack at the sight of the skyline.

January 6, 2017



raw recovery specialist

BC Lower Mainland Bridges: For Whom the Bridge Tolled



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