Heart Failure

heart attacks

When Elvis’ death was announced, the  cause stated was basically “his heart stopped”

the broadcast of this was something of a shock to the medical people who were still performing the autopsy when the announcement was made

Elvis died from self-neglect, self-abuse and depression.

The Smith side of his family had several suicides and Elvis had already been close to that in the army – although whether he feel asleep or intentionally tried carbon monoxide in the army jeep – kinda creepy considering the Hope Lang character in Wild in the Country….

more than the Faked his Death or Love Child proponants, what actually caused Elvis’ death is a hotly debated point.

that many people would prefer the explanation of the heart attack caused by the pressure imbalance of trying to go to the bathroom –

everything still comes back to Elvis’ own eating habits, lack of exercise in the last years and the accumulation of drug useage that started before the Army – on the country music circuit and from his mom’s own cache of speed diet pills – the army and medical doctors gave a veneer of respectability to the pharmaceutical drugs

but mostly – it was burn out, boredom and disappointment – mostly in his career but also his personal life

the over use of prescription drugs to dull pain, alter perceptions, stimulate or knock one out into the oblivion of sleep

I think that perhaps we idolize those who were obvious train wreck – Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and many others going back to Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix

one of the memorable fan quotes at the time of his death that stands out in my mind was

“At least he died at home in Graceland instead of on the road like so many others.”

Elvis had had several brushes with death from a almost plane crash in the 1950s, to the Army where he once found him and his troop on the Russian side of the border instead of East Germany, and the aforementioned jeep incident – to in the 70s when his entourage dealt with several occasions of Elvis passing out into his food or stop breathing because his systems were too suppressed by the drug cocktail

Even while the Memphis Mafia had plans to sneak his body back to memphis in the event of a death on the road, they all seemed to beleive Elvis was indestructable

certainly he did a more grueling tour schedule than most, doing over 1000 concerts in the last 8 years of his life – usually 2 shows a day and three on Sunday.

I got into a debate with a Michael Jackson fan on topix a few years back

the jackson fan first asserted that no one ever played and sold out 50 shows at one venue.

I pointed out that Elvis’ return to performing in 1969 – he played 59 shows at the International hotel and he did in in under a month, not spread out over a year

I also posted that the Jackson tickets had been sold to brokers, not people so the sales were not translating into bums in seats

and most people, were buying tickets to the last show he was going to give or the first one he did not.

That Jackson died on the anniversary of Elvis’ last concert and overshadowed the death of Farrah Fawcett who’s was the first celebrity to sell over a million of a poster, which adored sooooo many bedroom walls

The face of anal cancer – death with dignity

I think that the reason why Elvis and Princess Di’s death were so impactful on the public, was not just because they were beloved celebrities and role models – people who changed what the roles they had in society meant

Elvis the embodiment of the American Dream and Princess Di the humanizing royalty….


it’s because they died the way that any of us could die


bad personal habits and poor quality of medical care for Elvis

car accident for Diana

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