Raw Recovery Movies: Pleasantville


With the recent apparent destruction of To Kill a Mockingbird as the Iconic Novel and Iconoclast Film, by the publication of the early version of the story To Set a Watchman; I propose the more recent and more complex and pointed Pleasantville replace it.

As I understand it, the plot of To Set a Watchman is the adult woman dealing with her Father being a man of his time and not the man of the law she remembers from childhood.

The publisher, seeing the bigger picture, got Harper Lee to re-write that story with the adult understanding through the childhood focus and take it out from the racism to include more of the PTSD soldiers, another emerging social issue that had yet to be named. Framing for the widest audience… ish….. mostly to people who already got it. preaching to the choir or converted.

How better to frame the needless waste of people and prevention of them from being members of society because of how they look rather than how the individual acts.

A little bit of as we do to others, we do to ourselves – is too deep a sting – so the literary device is the old eyes of a child – to make it softer and poignantly pointed

Long Walk Home Corinna Corinna

bsmart Copy_of_Pleasantville

Don Knotts, the Forever Comedy Foil Goofball Sidekick – the era of Mom’s Breakfasts sending the family off for the day until “I’m Home Honey” and dinner is served.

Don-Knotts-Pleasantville 8042357754_048a8de851

The Repairman transports the young charlie male boy and his tarty alpha sister back to the land of the biggest ever make believe: the 1950s sitcom family, in a town of pleasantville, America USA.

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Thoroughly Modern Sister Mean Girls Up the School and the Boys Basketball Team looses their game of sport because there is a whole new and more interesting sports game in town.

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Geeky Little Brother is still an Outsider, even though, he’s the only one with the inside track of what was supposed to be, vs what became….

916272pleasantville_1998_hdclub_mkv_11_24_331_000032 10030796_2

Asking questions and seeking answers, it’s more than knowing and more than doing…

hero_EB19981001REVIEWS810010301AR tumblr_m9f5mbck6v1qbsjqno1_250

It’s about seeing what is authentic and not artifice … art faced


Being willing to be different and think beyond the group think, but also see the vulnerability…personification and the end of illusion of role to the person

pleasantville1older women

What is yours to look at but not touch or interfere with…inference with..control by shunning and control by violence..that generational gap the gape the gap in the generations.. insiders and outsiders and who belongs and who doesn’t and what is permissible anyway?

pleasantville-1_1 CJ1K00oWoAA5HEc

“Thank God we’re in a bowling alley” seriously my fave movie villain quote


It’s a way of seeing, not just being…a world of possibility…of not just greyscale shades but colour, the needless limits we place upon ourselves of being only what we can be instead of what we want or need to be: free

pleasantville art3 tumblr_mdcnnvXTkg1rzxp5fo1_500

Of course, one does build upon the other: the courthouse town hall scenery chewing ending


Writer Craft: Getting Pointed Points Across

Mayberry Family Values

no one wants to hear they belong to an asshole group and are in fact an asshole

so the best way to do that is velvet glove and iron fist

break it from the inside

they don’t see the outside impact and won’t be moved by that

divide and conquer and separate from the herd and individuals can be civilized

in fact, divide and pull them in every direction that they might find relatable

a nudge any direction, is overcoming apathy and inertia

THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW -- Aired July 1, 1956 -- Episode 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Griffith, Imogene Coca, and Elvis Presley perform a parody of Country & Western television shows -- Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW — Aired July 1, 1956 — Episode 2 — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Griffith, Imogene Coca, and Elvis Presley perform a parody of Country & Western television shows — Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank


Plato’s cave and the modern tv to the internet access thin client gadgets.

major meta…meta media

is there a message or just tone?



yes, and the complete lack of any other demographic really does, I think. drive home how delusional some people can be.

eugenics is not science, it’s religious racism tarted up in sciencey sounding language..ditto “creationism” and young earth nonesense. not science no matter how you make the words and phrases sound like it. its just sounds

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics – History …


Eugenics was the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed “unfit,” preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype.

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